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  • Grow business and increase profits
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Car Research

I’m amazed at how much better my dealership is doing since we implemented Car-Research XRM
The dealership has been in my family for 50 years
Written by : Mark D
Date Published : 2014-05-22

I’m amazed at how much better my dealership is doing since we implemented Car-Research XRM. The dealership has been in my family for 50 years and our new CRM program helped bring it that fresh life it needed to keep going

Car Research

We were excited when we saw the many different ways that were available to keep in touch
I feel like our customers
Written by : Mary S
Date Published : 2014-06-23

We were excited when we saw the many different ways that were available to keep in touch with our clients using Car-Research XRM. Some people don’t like direct mail and others prefer it. I like that there is the option for them to choose. I feel like our customers have never been happier

What are the benefits of using a Dealer CRM?

The two biggest benefits of using a CRM program are to:

  • Grow Business
  • Increase Profits

To grow your business you have to have a good Internet presence and great marketing tools. CAR-Research XRM helps with both tasks and more. With our On-Demand Marketing Toolbox you can stay in front of your clients in many different ways. These include:

  • Smart Coupons
  • Email Reminders
  • Direct Mail
  • Voice Calls
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Loyalty Program

How is your program different?

Our software is different in that it was made “By Car People, For Car People”. There won’t be any nonsense tools or apps in there. Everything you get with CAR-Research XRM is going to help you grow, develop, and make your business more profitable. We’ve added way more than other programs offer.
We can help you eliminate those many different programs you are currently using to run your dealership. This is our way of ensuring you get the best experience possible out of CAR-Research XRM.

Will CAR-Research XRM really help my company retain clients?

With our program you will get:

  • Multi-Channel Engagement
  • On-Demand Marketing
  • Smart Coupons
  • Direct Mail Integration
  • Marketing Portal
  • BDC Management Tools
  • Loyalty Program Built-In

These tools ensure you stay in front of your customers before, during, and after the sales process. When you create a better experience for your customers they are more likely to stick around. By using these tools you are doing more than most dealerships do, and that in itself will keep your clients talking.

CAR-Research has the Missing Pieces of the Puzzle


Having a dealer CRM single source solution can do wonders for your dealership. It can help it to grow and increase your profits. CAR-Research has developed a CRM using our vast knowledge and experience that is the industry’s most advanced single-source dealer solution. In fact, it exceeds traditional CRMs. Our customers outperform their competitors consistently and with a single click, they can access all sorts of valuable information such as customer sales and service history, real-time and enterprise reporting, dynamic route sheets, targeted marketing, and more. If you want an auto dealer CRM that far surpasses other CRMs, come to CAR-Research today!

  • How can I improve my relationship with customers by using a car dealer CRM?

    Published by Car Research on June 13, 2016

    The internet has greatly widened the amount of options customers have, even for the automotive industry. As a dealership, you’re competing with independent sellers and dealerships throughout the region. One of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition and cement your brand with your local and regional audiences is by maintaining and building positive relationships with customers past and present.

    Here’s how Dealer CRM can help:

    • Collect & Store Personalized Information.  A car dealer CRM starts by collecting, storing, and tracking unique details of your customers. This includes the basics, such as address and phone numbers, in addition to specific information, like where a person is in the buying process and what model they’re most interested in.
    • Send Out Regular, Informed Updates.  With the aforementioned information, you can send out regular, personalized updates tailored to the specific needs of a customer. This may be a ‘thank-you for visiting’ or a recommendation on a desirable model that just entered the lot. Such informed updates will make your guests feel more valued and personally connected with your dealership.
    • Fast Response to Customer Questions & Complaints.  In addition to helping you improve your customer relationships when reaching out, a car dealer CRM also assists when customers come to you with questions or complaints. Dealer CRM allows you to organize your history with every guest and provide prompt, to-the-point answers to whatever queries your guests have.

  • How can I improve my customer relationship with a car dealer CRM?

    In today’s hyper-competitive world, no dealership can afford to let customers slip through the fingertips of their sales team. A car dealer CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can close the gap on those sales ratios and build positive long-term customer relationships.

    Tracking the Data the Matters

    Dealer CRM software takes information from your sales team and integrates it with the customer files in your F&I and service departments. Car dealer CRM software acts like an electronic administrative assistant that never asks for overtime or vacation days. The software can send automatic alerts to remind sales personnel about follow-up calls, and make systematic e-mails to customers enrolled in the service program to remind them about impending oil change or tire rotation dates.

    Each time some one from your dealerships contacts a customer, or that customer contacts you via the internet, phone, or an in-person visit, that connection is recorded in the car dealer CRM system. This improves customer relationships and allows the saving of pertinent information for future marketing.

    For instance, did a customer e-mail you about a new Jeep Wrangler? Use that information in later e-mail targeting and phone calls to highlight deals and best-of features to draw them in and build a better rapport.

  • 12 Ways Dealer CRM Keeps Your Customers Engaged

    Published by Car Research on October 26th, 2015

    In order for your dealership to remain profitable in today’s competitive market, you must continually seek out new customers with innovative advertising and promotions, while also keeping your current customers engaged and returning for additional products and services.
    In today’s high-tech environment, that means using multiple marketing channels and approaching each customer as an individual to cut through all the advertising clutter. This requires collecting, storing, sorting and utilizing large amounts of customer data effectively.

    Dealer CRM software makes this easy, and here are a few of the ways it can help keep your customers engaged and interested in your products:

    Better Information

    Nearly all of today’s car sales start on the Internet. Simply by typing in a few search terms, a potential customer can find any vehicle, any model they might be interested in. With proper dealer CRM software, you can make sure that your Internet presence is as productive as possible by providing a great website with plenty of information about your current inventory and multiple communications methods, including email, phone, text, and social media. With multiple points of engagement, you can collect as many leads as possible, and your dealer CRM software can keep track of those leads, continually engaging the customer by phone, email and text until a decision is made.

    Inventory Management

    Dealer CRM software can streamline your online inventory management, allowing you to easily update the inventory by removing or adding vehicles as necessary. Each vehicle can have a detailed description with full specifications and multiple photos so that your customer can find exactly the vehicle he or she is looking for. Search functions and advanced filtering options help customers narrow down the options and make the experience easier. It can also streamline your marketing by helping you to generate listings for third-party services such as eBay or Craigslist.

    Lead Generation

    Dealer CRM automates the collection of Internet leads, and helps to manage them. It can generate follow-up responses to customer’s questions and can automatically contact customers with new offers and promotions. It can help your sales and service staff keep track of your customer’s service appointments and remind your staff of sales opportunities like premium services and accessories at every transaction. The CRM software can also help you follow up on every sales and service appointment with the customer, generating customer loyalty and new possibilities for sales.

    Electronic Brochures

    Customized brochures with detailed information can be generated by your dealer CRM for any vehicle in your inventory and sent out to your customers from your website, through email or through text, in response to a customer’s inquiry or as part of a promotion. These can be used to close sales, generate leads or attract attention to new models.

    Direct Mail

    Using existing customer data, dealer CRM software can help you design direct mail programs that are tailored to each customer and more likely to result in responses and direct sales increases. CRM software designed specifically for dealerships can eliminate methods that often fail and use only methods that have been proven time and time again to generate results.


    With dealer CRM software you can build and maintain email lists that will help improve your sales and profits. You can better target your emails to willing buyers and generate campaigns that are engaging and entertaining, and much less likely to end up in the trash or spam folders of your contact list.


    Dealer CRM software can integrate with your BDC to coordinate your phone marketing efforts. By working with your existing customer data and Internet leads you can generate prospect lists that are more likely to receive good response rates, and you can expand your marketing efforts with post-sales and service calls.

    Text Messages

    With dealer CRM software, you can include text messages in your promotions, and send out automatic service reminders, coupons and other communications that drive sales. With full smart-phone integration, you can also send links to promotions on your website or social media accounts.

    Social Media

    Social media is one of today’s most important platforms for marketing. With dealer CRM software, you can collect your customer’s social media information and keep them engaged by sending out regular messages, promotions, and other communications. By encouraging your customers to like and share your promotions you can also reach a much widercustomer base.

    Loyalty Program

    With special promotions and discounts for your existing customers, you can keep them coming through the door for new vehicles, regular maintenance, and premium accessories and services. Your dealer CRM software can help you design a loyalty program that will keep your customers interested and returning to your dealership often. By integrating your loyalty program with your marketing efforts, you can continuously remind your customers about promotions through email, phone, text and social media.

    Data Analysis

    By combining all of your customer data into one place with your dealer CRM software, you can determine what services and products your customers will need or want in the future and make sure that you have both regular and premium options. You can learn how well your marketing efforts have worked, and improve them to reach your specific goals. You can also target your marketing efforts more precisely to each customer as you acquire more data, and constantly adjust your tactics get them right. Each customer’s data is available instantly, and can be monitored with extreme levels of detail.

    Employee Tracking

    With dealer CRM you can keep track of how your employees are performing, and make sure they are taking advantage of all sales opportunities and following up with customers where necessary. The software can also help them streamline their sales process and offer premium parts, accessories and services wherever possible to improve customersatisfaction and increase sales.

    With dealer CRM software, you will have the tools to make sure that your customers do not lose interest in your products and services, and that they keep coming back whenever they need a new vehicle or need to have their current vehicles serviced. It will also help you improve your marketing efforts and maximize your sales potential.

  • How can I improve my relationship with my customers with your car dealer CRM?

    Published by Car Research on August 14th, 2015

    Using the many functions of our car dealer CRM program you can improve your relationships with your customers by simply being more available. Here are a few ways you will be able to help your customers more using our CRM program


    CAR-Research XRM does a lot of different things using a quite a few different apps. One of our most powerful tools is information solutions. These come in the form of our inventory and data management programs. When a customer calls about a certain vehicle they found on the Internet, your staff will be able to retrieve the information they are requesting with a quick search.Not only is your staff able to find information about cars you have available, but your representatives can also get the full rundown of a client just by searching for them. Your client’s information such as services received, services declined, online searches, past vehicles purchased, and so much more is just a click away. Imagine how much smoother phone conversations will go now that your representative can answer your customers potential questions quickly and accurately.


    Our CRM program has built-in automation that can send your customers incentives based on their history. Did they recently come in and get an inspection but declined a tire rotation? The system acknowledges this and sends them a coupon in hopes of getting them back in the door for that service. With all coupons approved by the owners of the dealership, you’ll never have to worry about discounting a service you don’t want to.You also have the opportunity to offer your customers participation in your loyalty program, now built into your CRM platform. You decide what incentives you offer and automate the process.


    Auto reminders provide your customers with a level of convenience most dealerships don’t offer. When your customer purchases a vehicle, their information is entered into the system. Then they are automatically set up to be reminded for various services they may need from you in the future.There is also the automated payment reminder function. People get busy; that’s a fact of life. Some may forget to pay their bill–it happens. Now the system will send them an automated message stating a payment is coming up or is past due. This ensure you receive your funds and can help prevent late payments.

    Multi-Point Inspections

    A service that comes with your CRM program is the multi-point inspection. A bumper-to-bumper inspection tells you exactly what your client’s vehicle needs and helps prevent anything from going wrong. You not only save them the hassle of finding out when it’s too lat,e but it also provides you with additional selling opportunities.Your customers have the right to refuse a service, of course, and when they do it gets recorded in the system. When they are at home later and they view their comprehensive customer website or check their email, they will find a notice of the service they declined. This serves as a reminder to purchase the service at a later date.

    Updated by Car Research on October 14th, 2015

    The car dealership business lives and dies with customer relations. Having the best possible relationship with your customers is not only beneficial, but essential.Employing dealer CRM software at your dealership can help streamline this process, by storing and centralizing all your relevant client data in one place. How many times have you struggled to remember a client’s details during a meeting?When you’re dealing with multiple customers, no one can blame you for not remembering every single interaction. Dealer CRM software can recall this information for you. This helps ensure that every customer interaction is a personal and valuable experience for both you and the customer.Dealer CRM software will also store not only a customer’s contact information, but their contact history as well. The software will remember who on your staff contacted a customer, how, and any relevant details of that contact. Doing so helps ensure the best possible customer experience, fosters customer loyalty, and increases the chances that the lead you’ve been working on will convert into a successful sale.

    Updated by Car Research on October 30th, 2015

    The most important aspect of your relationship with your customers is your ability to communicate with one another. Strong communication makes it possible for you to provide them with exactly what they are looking for when it comes to a vehicle and also helps you lay the foundation for consumer loyalty.There are several ways you can improve your ability to communicate with your customers including:

    • Listening to what they say when they provide you with information about their ideal vehicle and budget
    • Keeping a record of conversations
    • Sending well-timed emails to clients that inquire about how happy they are with their purchase and offer products or services
    Improving communication skills is something the entire organization, from managers, to the sales staff, to the receptionist needs to hone. Once the entire dealership has improved its overall ability to communicate with clients, you’ll see an increase in the number of sales you generate and in the number of customers who choose to return to your dealership the next time they want to purchase a new car.