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Now we finally have a CRM partner that knows our business inside and out, because they are ‘Car Guys’, not software people

– Shahin Salehoun | General Sales Manager, Fred Haas Toyota World

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Our Automated Customer Life Cycle Marketing System targets all of your dealership prospect opportunities by maximizing Equity and Trade positions. Equity is only 1 component of a 10 Tier strategy to effectively target all of your customers with personalized value proposition marketing that gets results!

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The Importance of Having an Efficient Dealer CRM

[Posted on July 13th, 2015 by Car Research]

In order for a car dealership to work effectively and efficiently in this day of advanced technology, a Dealer CRM is very important. According to Fortune.com there’s good news for dealerships regarding CRMs; when gas prices decrease the car sales increase. It is automatic-cheaper fuel bills will attract more people to car ownership. This means dealers will see an influx of car sales and a CRM will help you keep track of not only your sales, but a host of other important data.

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Autosoft Certifies Integration of CAR-Research XRM with FLEX DMS

[Posted on September 4th, 2014 by Car Research]

CAR-Research, an AutoLoop company, announced today that its industry-leading CRM application, XRM, has earned certification for integration with the FLEX dealer management system (DMS) as part of Autosoft’s FLEX Connect program.

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Automotive CRM

Cutting Edge Automotive CRM Solution


Get Automotive CRM Single-Solution Software from CAR-Research

The CAR-Research XRM is more than just your usual automotive CRM. It is the industry’s most robust, customizable, user-friendly, software solution that will mold itself to your business processes to ensure your success. You can reach out to customers anytime you want using any type of communication technology thanks to the XRM’s ability to function as a Total Lifecycle Management Solution.

In addition, you can cut down on the number of vendors with this revolutionary software while netting some serious ROI at the same time. It also provides 24/7 technical support, a highly trained account manager, and daily webinars. Do not delay –contact us today and start on the road to success with our XRM software single-source solution.
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Dealership Marketing

Complete Equity & Trade Position Marketing Solution

dealer management software

Increase Sales, Retain Customers with Dealer Management Software from CAR-Research

With dealer management software from CAR-Research, your chances of increasing profits, retaining customers, and obtaining overall customer satisfaction. Our CAR-Research XRM exceeds traditional CRMs with its various features all in one single-source solution. It is designed to be a Total Lifecycle Management Solution, so you can reach out to customers using any kind of communication in a single, easy-to-use format.

These integrated bundled solutions can eliminate the need for copious vendors while handing you the keys to success at the same time. We believe in developing relationships with vendors and providing excellent ROI for our clients. Contact us today to start utilizing our revolutionary software.
Discover more about dealer management software by clicking this link.

Sales Process & BDC

Fully Customizable Process Management

dealership CRM

Come to CAR-Research for a Revolutionary Dealership CRM

CAR-Research is making available a comprehensive single source dealership CRM that will help your dealership grow and increase profits. The CAR-Research XRM exceeds traditional CRMs in numerous ways. It features a single-click option where you can access all customer sales and service history, a fully integrated Internet Lead Manager and BDC, real-time/enterprise reporting, daily database cleansing, targeted marketing, a real-time dynamic route sheet that tracks repair orders, and a whole lot more.

This eliminates the need for many vendors and all of the services are consolidated. You can also benefit from a trained Account Manager that will train, educate, and motivate your sales team and help them increase lead conversions, productivity and accountability.
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Fixed Operations

Advanced Service CRM, MPI, & Sales Integration 

auto dealer CRM

CAR-Research is Helping Dealerships Grow with their Auto Dealer CRM

CAR-Research has the missing pieces to the puzzle for dealers that want a robust auto dealer CRM system that is robust, customizable and user-friendly. Our XRM system can help increase buyer traffic to your site, convert visitors into leads and sales, help retain customers, improve customer communication, and more all in one single-source solution.

We have used our vast knowledge and experience within the auto industry to create this revolutionary software and it is available to you today. It is made by car people for car people. Give us a call and count on reliable ROI while you do what you do best – sell cars!
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