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Now we finally have a CRM partner that knows our business inside and out, because they are ‘Car Guys’, not software people

– Shahin Salehoun | General Sales Manager, Fred Haas Toyota World

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Our Automated Customer Life Cycle Marketing System targets all of your dealership prospect opportunities by maximizing Equity and Trade positions. Equity is only 1 component of a 10 Tier strategy to effectively target all of your customers with personalized value proposition marketing that gets results!

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The Goals of Effective Auto Dealership Software

[Posted on September 21st, 2015 by Car Research]

Modern auto dealership software is much more than a mere storage tank with a few extra "bells and whistles" thrown in for good measure. Instead, it forms an integral part of a successful overall dealership business plan.

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Autosoft Certifies Integration of CAR-Research XRM with FLEX DMS

[Posted on September 4th, 2014 by Car Research]

CAR-Research, an AutoLoop company, announced today that its industry-leading CRM application, XRM, has earned certification for integration with the FLEX dealer management system (DMS) as part of Autosoft’s FLEX Connect program.

Read more about Autosoft Certifies Integration of CAR-Research XRM with FLEX DMS >>

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