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CAR-Research Offers a CRM Dealer Single Source Solution

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  • Exceeds Boundaries of Traditional CRMs
  • Customizable Software Solution
  • Communicate with Customers Anytime
  • Great ROI Potential

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  • Excellent ROI
  • Cut Out Leg-Work & Focus On Growing Your Company
  • Plenty of Information At A Glance
  • Provide Clients With Convenient Options

Car Research

Thanks to our new Car-Research XRM we now have access to it in one easy to use location
Saves us time and Money
Written by : Patrick M
Date Published : 2014-08-21

The amount of information my company deals with on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Thanks to our new Car-Research XRM we now have access to it in one easy to use location. That aspect of the CRM alone saves us time and money

Car Research

It’s worth every penny to us because the amount of programs we have to manage went from 12 down to 1
Car-Research XRM
Written by : Kirk H
Date Published : 2014-07-26

We’ve tried other CRM programs out there but none offer the amount of tools Car-Research XRM does. It’s worth every penny to us because the amount of programs we have to manage went from 12 down to 1

How would my company benefit from a CRM Dealer?

Our program provides a way for your company to communicate with your clients anytime through a number of different ways. It allows you to have access to information about inventory, employee reports, customer files, and much more, all in one place. Your company would benefit by getting a CRM program that is:

  • Customizable
  • User-Friendly
  • A Great Return on Investment

By providing you with the tools to handle many different tasks for your company we are not only making it easier to operate your business but more efficient. You’ll find it’s simple to provide your clients with the information they request and review reports that can help you increase your overall sales numbers.

What makes CAR-Research XRM better than others in the market?

Other companies create a program with just CRM in mind. We’ve created a one-stop solution [BIC1: Automotive CRM-BIP7: Automotive CRM Software] for all your dealership’s needs. We start with clients and don’t stop until your dealership is better than it’s ever been. Our program exceeds the boundaries of traditional CRMs by offering the tools to handle way more than just client relationships. You will have the ability to:

  • Manage Phone & Internet Communication
  • Access Stored Data For All Aspects of Your Company
  • Utilize Enterprise Solutions For Multiple Locations
  • View Financial and Activity Reports

While others may offer many different programs to handle different tasks, we believe in simplicity. With the CAR-Research XRM, you can now cut out a lot of leg-work and focus on what’s really important, growing your company.

Is there a significant difference in the amount of business that my company will retain by using a CRM program?

By providing your customers access to the information they might be seeking you immediately boost your credibility as a dealership. There are many different services we offer your customers such as:

  • Automated Service Alerts
  • Comprehensive Website To View Service History
  • Smart Coupons
  • Loyalty Program Options
  • Online Scheduling Tools
  • Electronic Vehicle Brochures

By providing your customers access to this information you are adding a sense of empowerment and a convenience factor they won’t find at other dealerships. You can guarantee the customer who feels more at home, and finds more information and help, is more likely to make a major purchase.

CAR-Research Places CRMs in a Single-Source Solution


How would like CRM dealer software that acts as a single-source solution? CAR-Research has spent years developing their own CRM software and it is now available to you. It is referred to as CAR-Research XRM, a robust, user-friendly and customizable CRM that has been enhanced and improved by our dealer network. It also molds around your business processes and is completely customizable. In addition, our XRM acts as a Total Lifecycle Management Solution. You can reach out to customers anytime, anywhere using any communication technology in a single- easy-to-use format. The best thing of all about our auto dealership software is that is nets you great ROI. Call us today for more!

What services are available to help improve my auto business?

  • February 29, 2016

    Published by Car Research


    As a CRM dealer we have the tools auto businesses need to make the leap from good to great, to expand beyond their current limitations, to re-forge your dealership into something that can leverage everything you have to give, and reward you accordingly. Just check out these three services, certain to improve your bottom line and encourage your growth:


    1) Business development tools


    Every business has room for improvement. With our platform’s business development tools at your fingertips, you’ll find it easier than ever to refine your ideas into actionable plans. Why settle for imperfect representations of what you’ve thought up when you can get it 100% right and go up from there?


    2) On-demand marketing toolbox


    Marketing continues to trend towards immense data sets, number crunching, the melding of science and art. Our marketing toolbox will give you everything you need to identify segments within your current client base and new directions to grow, develop marketing materials to appeal in those directions, and implement your strategies to maximum effect.


    3) Data & Inventory management tools


    Logistics can make or break any company, in any industry—auto businesses are, of course, not an exception. With our data and inventory management services working for you, you can be certain that you’re wasting as little time and money as possible on the basic logistical tasks at the core of your business. And you’ll never find yourself caught in a mess, trying to figure out how to deal with a headache caused by these matters.And this is only the tip of the iceberg—we have countless other services ready to help you grow. You just need to commit to making your business everything it can be.


  • November 1, 2015

    Published by Car Research


    When you’re trying to improve your auto business, there are a lot of ways you can go about it—many of which work best in sync with one another. We offer several services you can use, alone or in combination, to improve lead generation, customer relationship management, internal communications, and more.


    Customized CRM Solutions


    Customized customer relationship management (CRM) software for your auto dealership can go a very long way toward helping to improve the way you do business. Not only can our solutions offer you an improved ability to track communication with prospects, you’ll also gain insight into market segments, a better understanding of what makes your market tick, and an improved ability to capitalize on the opportunities you spot.


    Inventory management solutions


    Good inventory management lies at the core of the modern auto business, so check out the comprehensive tool set we offer for improving the way you track and manage your vehicle stock (including ways to integrate that information into other systems, to share with prospects and others).


    Enterprise solutions


    Looking to grow across multiple locations? Our enterprise solutions make it truly simple to keep data flowing as necessary between different locations, and keep everyone in your company on the same page—no matter how far apart they may be.


    Telephony solutions


    Communication is at the heart of all sales, and the telephone is still most people’s preferred way to talk: make sure to check out what our telephony services can do to improve your auto business.

  • August 8, 2015

    Published by Car Research



    With Car-Research XRM you get a single source solution to all your company’s needs. Our CRM goes beyond simple customer management, providing many tools to better your business.


    Automotive CRM


    The Automotive CRM aspect tracks when clients receives service on their vehicle. If they are offered a service it tracks if they deny. It aids in scheduling new services and sending reminders to the client. It holds all information about your clients’ vehicles and the work that’s been done. This helps your sales team decide on whether to push a certain product or service next time the client visits the dealership.


    Internet Lead Manager


    Never lose out on valuable Internet leads again by being the first dealership to respond to potential customers. Automated responses and a targeted call campaign help you stay in front of your customer without your staff wasting precious time on too many administrative duties. You can now see everything your potential customer is viewing online. When they call, your sales team will be prepared, making your team members seem more knowledgeable and helpful.


    AutoLoop Essentials


    The on-demand marketing toolbox allows you to stay in touch with your customers. View everything your customer is doing and create a customized market analysis for efficient marketing. Make sure you never send anything they don’t want to receive or wouldn’t benefit from. Gain your customers’ full attention with direct mail, email reliability, smart coupons, auto-reminders, and a loyalty program.


    Inventory Solution


    Now that you have inventory solution your team members will know exactly what you have and don’t have available. Unlimited pictures and detailed vehicle information are just a search away. Dynamic brochures are sent out automatically upon customer request. Not only information about one vehicle will be delivered, but many others like it also. Stay on top of offsite marketing as well. Make sure sites like autotrader.com, cars.com, cobalt, HomeNet, and more are updated with your inventory’s information.


    Telephony Solutions


    Keep track of inbound and outbound calls. Identify which advertising is working by tracking where calls come from. Record and playback calls for training purposes. Your team members can now view call scripts for a professional and efficient call every time. Do the same for the team members’ cell phones with CellTrak. You are also able to catch Internet leads fast and engage while they are hot. Never oversaturate a lead by ensuring only one team member responds to them at a time.


    Enterprise Solutions


    If you are running a multiple-location operation, enterprise solutions makes it easy. You are now able to follow the customer from location to location. This way their data and information is never lost and is always available on demand. Owners and managers have access to group-wide information to better assist their team members. They are also able to view RIO reports to develop goals on where to improve in the company.