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Why Choose Us?

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Excellent ROI

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Cut Out Leg-Work & Focus On Growing Your Company

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Plenty of Information At A Glance

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Provide Clients With Convenient Options

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How would my company benefit from a CRM Dealer?

Our program provides a way for your company to communicate with your clients anytime through a number of different ways. It allows you to have access to information about inventory, employee reports, customer files, and much more, all in one place. Your company would benefit by getting a CRM program that is:

  • Customizable
  • User-Friendly
  • A Great Return on Investment

By providing you with the tools to handle many different tasks for your company we are not only making it easier to operate your business but more efficient. You’ll find it’s simple to provide your clients with the information they request and review reports that can help you increase your overall sales numbers.

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What makes CAR-Research XRM better than others in the market?

Other companies create a program with just CRM in mind. We’ve created a one-stop solution Automotive CRM for all your dealership’s needs. We start with clients and don’t stop until your dealership is better than it’s ever been. Our program exceeds the boundaries of traditional CRMs by offering the tools to handle way more than just client relationships. You will have the ability to:

  • Manage Phone & Internet Communication
  • Access Stored Data For All Aspects of Your Company
  • Utilize Enterprise Solutions For Multiple Locations
  • View Financial and Activity Reports

While others may offer many different programs to handle different tasks, we believe in simplicity. With the CAR-Research XRM, you can now cut out a lot of leg-work and focus on what’s really important, growing your company.

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Is there a significant difference in the amount of business that my company will retain by using a CRM program?

By providing your customers access to the information they might be seeking you immediately boost your credibility as a dealership. There are many different services we offer your customers such as:

  • Automated Service Alerts
  • Comprehensive Website To View Service History
  • Smart Coupons
  • Loyalty Program Options
  • Online Scheduling Tools
  • Electronic Vehicle Brochures

By providing your customers access to this information you are adding a sense of empowerment and a convenience factor they won’t find at other dealerships. You can guarantee the customer who feels more at home, and finds more information and help, is more likely to make a major purchase.

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CAR-Research Places CRMs in a Single-Source Solution

How would like CRM dealer software that acts as a single-source solution? CAR-Research has spent years developing their own CRM software and it is now available to you. It is referred to as CAR-Research XRM, a robust, user-friendly and customizable CRM that has been enhanced and improved by our dealer network. It also molds around your business processes and is completely customizable. In addition, our XRM acts as a Total Lifecycle Management Solution. You can reach out to customers anytime, anywhere using any communication technology in a single- easy-to-use format. The best thing of all about our auto dealership software is that is nets you great ROI. Call us today for more!


  • Car Research

    Thanks to our new Car-Research XRM we now have access to it in one easy to use location

    Saves us time and Money
    Date Published : 21 Aug, 2014

    Patrick M

    The amount of information my company deals with on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Thanks to our new Car-Research XRM we now have access to it in one easy to use location. That aspect of the CRM alone saves us time and money

  • Car Research

    It’s worth every penny to us because the amount of programs we have to manage went from 12 down to 1

    Car-Research XRM
    Date Published : 26 Jul, 2014

    Kirk H

    We’ve tried other CRM programs out there but none offer the amount of tools Car-Research XRM does. It’s worth every penny to us because the amount of programs we have to manage went from 12 down to 1

What services are available to help improve my auto business?

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