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The Automotive CRM Software from CAR-Research Ensures Success

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  • Robust, Customizable, User-Friendly
  • Far Exceeds Traditional CRMs
  • Mold Around Your Business Processes
  • Excellent Return of Investment

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  • Retain more business with better communication
  • Many apps alongside the common CRM
  • Free up time to spend face-to-face with customers
  • One easy-to-use program to do it all

Car Research

I don’t think my company has ever been more efficient than we are today
It doesn’t take much to connect with customers
Written by: Tom L
Date Published: 2014-02-25

I don’t think my company has ever been more efficient than we are today. It doesn’t take much to connect with customers who are ready to buy because our automated lead conversion system gets them ready for us

Car Research

Everything nowadays is done over the Internet and while that’s great, nothing beats face to face communication
I love having more time to sit down with customers
Written by: Roger G
Date Published: 2014-01-12

I love having more time to sit down with customers. Everything nowadays is done over the Internet and while that’s great, nothing beats face to face communication. I’m glad our new CRM gives me the opportunity to step away from the computer from time to time

Will your automotive CRM software help me retain more business?

Increasing your sales and retaining customers can be tough. With Car-Research XRM we made a robust and customizable program that not only connects you with existing customers, you’ll develop better relationships through leads as well. This ensures there are always fresh faces walking through your door and increasing your sales rates. We offer the tools to:

  • Convert Internet Leads
  • Stay In Touch With Current & Past Clients
  • Implement A Loyalty Program
  • Send Service Reminders & Coupons
  • Remind Customers of Payments

Offering convenience like this to your clients not only makes them happy but also feel appreciated. Where some dealerships don’t even acknowledge Internet leads, yours can be the first to respond and capture a new customer. This increases your sales and creates a customer for life.

What can I expect from your platform that others cannot provide?

From Car-Research XRM? you can expect to have what you need to run a successful dealership all in one place. We offer tools to get clients in the door, keep them, and close more deals. A few services we have (that others don’t!) include:

  • Multi-Channel Engagement
  • On-Demand Marketing Toolbox
  • Business Development Tools
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Data & Inventory Management Solutions
  • Unparalleled Training

While those are great we also offer a lot more options for your company. Some companies try to sell you a program that is the same program they sell to everyone. But we know this doesn’t work. Our program is fully customizable and tailored to your dealership to ensure the best fit.

What is the benefit of using a CRM versus not using one?

Using this type of software is necessary because it frees up time your dealership can spend face-to-face with a client rather than behind a computer entering data. Our platform simplifies the process of:

  • Internet Leads
  • Customer Communication
  • Marketing
  • Data Management

It brings these factors and so many more together in one easy-to-use program that saves your dealership time, energy, and most importantly, money. Without a program like ours you can expect to have many different programs to do the job of one. Or, you can do it all the old way–in a log book. It’s all about efficiency and improving the amount of time spent on certain tasks.

What are the differences between the Car Research CRM and othe automotive CRM software on the market?

Published by Car Research on September 1st, 2015

  • July 6, 2016

    What are the differences between the Car Research CRM and othe automotive CRM software on:

    Dealerships have a great variety of automotive CRM software to chose from today, with each new software release promising to the best thing since sliced bread. So how do you make the final decision about what’ll work best for you?

    Here’s what you should know about Car Research CRM and why it’s unique benefits make it the best automotive CRM software on the market:

    • Customizable.  Car Research CRM provides a fully customizable experience that enales you to tailor a program around the specific needs of your dealership.


    • Buisness development and marketing tools.  Car Research CRM goes beyond the simple management of inventory and customers by providing you with the necessary tools that will take such data management and create a unique marketing campaign that’ll propel your dealership forward. This complete software toolkit will help you improve your web and direct mail marketing efforts, social media outreach, and much more.


    • Superior organization tools.  Again, comprehensive data and inventory management tools are essential in any automotive CRM software. But with Car Research CRM, all of your data needs are easy to access and even easier to implement in future endeavors. For instance, checking past communications with a guest to craft an optimum sales approach and scanning inventory to meet a web client’s requests are all within a second’s reach with this software.

  • What are the differences between the Car Research CRM and othe automotive CRM software on the market?

    Published by Car Research on December 14th, 2015


    There’s plenty of CRM software on the market these days, each claiming to be the best bang for your buck, the perfect solution for all your problems. So what makes Car Research CRM superior to other CRM suites and other dealership software? Check out these three unique benefits:

    Customizable. Above all else, the biggest difference between our Car Research CRM solutions and competing solutions is our commitment to providing a fully customizable experience, so your program can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. No two dealerships require exactly the same features, interface, or toolset—but that doesn’t stop most competing solutions from pretending they do.

    Business development and marketing tools. Our CRM doesn’t stop with helping you manage inventory and customers; we go much further, providing you will a full set of on-demand tools for developing your business and improving your marketing. Good CRM naturally aides in these endeavors, but we go the extra mile and provide a complete kit for enhancing the way you sell autos. Improve your web marketing, social outreach, and more with our superior tools.

    Superior organizational tools. Our data and inventory management tools go the extra mile, providing your employees with the information they need when they need it, whatever the circumstances. Whether they’re looking up the location of inventory to answer a question, checking past communications with a customer to ensure an optimal sales approach, or looking up any other form of data, the information they need is never far from their fingertips.


  • Experienced & Knowledgable

    In an attempt to make themselves look more useful, other CRM companies will load their program with useless apps and tools that don’t work for what your dealership is trying to accomplish. Here at CAR-Research, we’ve been in the dealership business since 1994. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t as far as CRM programs go.

    Our goal is to make a program that works for you. We aren’t trying to sell you another piece of technology that doesn’t work. That’s why our platform is customizable because we know each dealership is different and won’t benefit from a one-size-fits-all kind of software. We also know training is important for your employees to fully utilize the software. This is why we pride ourselves on providing a massive amount of training during setup and plenty of online training options afterward.

  • Exceeds Traditional CRMs

    Our platform is robust, customizable, and user-friendly. While other programs simply keep you in contact with customers, our program provides the tools necessary to make sure your customers are satisfied and being taken care of. Using our software you can view many different types of customizable reports.  Now you can stay on top of what’s happening in your company and keep it running at maximum efficiency. We also know staying in touch with customers is important. This is why we’ve built in an automatic payment and service reminder system to keep your customers updated and coming back.

  • Single Source Solution

    CAR-Research XRM is more than just CRM software. It can be a single-source solution for all your dealership’s needs. After implementing the many apps and tools inside our platform you’ll notice you don’t have a need for 15 programs that do different things.Your company will save time by not having to search for new programs to handle your day-to-day business, and money by investing in software that eliminates the need for others. CAR-Research is all about increasing your ROI and having a one-stop-shop for all your dealership’s needs is sure to get the job done.