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Ensure CRM Success with the Auto Dealership Software from CAR-Research

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  • Total Lifecycle Management Solution
  • Exceeds Traditional CRMs
  • Eliminates Needs for Various Vendors
  • We Provide Excellent ROI

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  • Vast amount of features to better your business
  • Improve customer experience, service rates, and closed sales
  • Provide information and be able to answer questions
  • A CRM for companies who want to better their business

Car Research

Before Car-Research XRM we didn’t have the tools to market ourselves efficiently
Get more people to our website
Written by : Martin R
Date Published : 2015-04-08

Before Car-Research XRM we didn’t have the tools to market ourselves efficiently. Now that we do we are able to get more people to our website and in the door than ever before.

Car Research

The customer reviews speak for themselves
Only wish we would have found it sooner
Written by : George M
Date Published : 2015-03-26

The customer reviews speak for themselves! We haven’t been this pleased with CRM software in a really long time. Only wish we would have found it sooner

What are the main features of your Auto Dealership Software?

Our CRM offers much more than just your basic functions. While we provide many different tools and apps to perform your daily tasks the main features of our software include:

  • Automotive CRM
  • Automotive ILM & BDC
  • Inventory Solutions
  • Telephony Solutions
  • Data Management
  • Enterprise Solutions

Using our software you will be able to replace many programs that you may already use and condense them down to one robust, user-friendly, and customizable piece of software. Our software was built to make your dealerships job easier and make your customers happier. When using our software your company is sure to see a boost in business and profits.

Is this CRM right for everyone?

This CRM handles the tasks of many different programs on the market today. It is a great addition for dealerships who want to:

  • Increase Internet Traffic
  • Increase New Business
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Increase Overall Profits

By providing the tools necessary to get the job done we can help you make your customers happy and increase closed deals. We also make sure the program is easy to use and offer a wide variety of different ways to train your employees to improve the way the CRM works for you. If your company is looking to become a better company overall, then CAR-Research XRM is for you.

What exactly can CAR-Research XRM do for my company?

Other programs on the market may claim to do more or say they are the best, but our software was built by people who do what you do. They make sure that the CRM functions on a realistic level to get the job done.We deliver the tools necessary to better your overall:

  • Customer Experience
  • Service Rates
  • Closed Sales

By providing your customers with information and auto-reminders, you are providing a level of convenience other dealerships don’t even try to bring to the table. You can stand out in a crowd by making your customers feel wanted and not treating them like a number. While this may seem like a lot of work to maintain every single customer with care and ease, our CRM can help make it a reality.

Car-Research’s XRM is a total lifecycle management solution

CAR-Research’s XRM auto dealership software far surpasses traditional CRMs. It is practically a Total Lifecycle Management Solution that allows you to reach out to customers anytime and anywhere using any type of communication all in one easy-to-use platform. This can eliminate the need for various vendors. Our dealer network constantly works on enhancing and improving our XRM to make it more robust, user-friendly and customizable. This software solution will mold itself around your business processes and provide you with excellent ROI as well. If you need support for our automotive CRM software, we have individual account managers, 24/7 support and webinars available.

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Is auto dealership software the right choice for your business?

Published by Car Research on September 1, 2015

Is auto dealership software the right choice for your business?

Are you looking for something to help grow your business? CAR-Research XRM can be a great choice because it offers many different ways to accrue and impress new customers, stay in front of your current customers, and better your overall business strategies in the process. Here are just a few of the reasons why our program is the right choice for you.

Keep In Touch

Keep in touch with your customers through multi-channel engagement. This includes voice, SMS text messages, email, and direct mail solutions. An automated system will send your customers a variety of email reminders. This ensures your customers are always up-to-date on any products or services you may offer, when it’s time to get serviced, or if a payment is due.

Manage Data

Keeping track of your dealership’s data has never been easier with the data management tools included in your software. You can now have access to inventory, sales, employee data, and customer data with one click. This can help you stay on top of your business by ensuring everything is working the way it should.

Better Business Development

Training new employees can be tough. You have to find the right system and take the time to hone it to your business’s individual needs. With our software you get a wide variety of easy-to-use functions. You get centralized BDC and Internet training, auto-responses tailored to customer interests, and call scripts to ensure your employees say the right thing.

You also get an automated system that will send reminders to your customers for you. These reminders can include emails, CAR-Smart calls, and direct mail. This functions as a way to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty while potentially generating new business.

Marketing Solutions

In the On-Demand Marketing Toolbox included with our software you will find many marketing solutions to help grow your business. Features include options for smart coupons, direct mail, email, and a loyalty program–all tailored to your clients’ needs.

In order for some of these functions to work properly, you will need to have valid email addresses for your customers. The system will automatically check for this when a customer is checking out and will prompt you to get one if it finds it missing or invalid.

The marketing analysis takes information from all forms of marketing and helps you to see what is working and what isn’t. This will save you time, money, and energy and help focus your efforts and become more profitable.

Higher Sales Numbers

Our system offers a way to view a customers full history and determine if they have bought or declined a service. Customer websites allow them to view and keep up with any services they’ve received in the past and provide a place to recommend new services to them. Multi-point inspections are a great way to find out if your customer would benefit from any additional services that you offer. Using the software you can track employee sales numbers to ensure they are selling with the utmost efficiency and see if there is any room for improvement.

  • June 28, 2016

    Is auto dealership software the right choice for your business?

    Need a new tool to help you expand your business? Auto dealership software is an excellent choice as its robust features offer a variety of ways for you to attract and impress new customers and improve your overall marketing strategies. Not convinced? Here are just a few reasons why auto dealership software is the right choice for your business:

    • Stay in communication.  Auto dealership software enables you to better stay in constant contact with your customers via multi-channel engagement. This includes mixing direct mail with SMS text messages and instituting an automated email service to ensure your customers are always up-to-date on such things as models they’re interested in and service reminders.


    • Improve business development.  Training a new sales associate can be difficult. An auto dealership CRM acts like an electronic assistant that never sleeps and keeps everything highly organized. This centralized software includes a range of easy-to-use functions that can be coordinated with your unique business strategies; including call scripts, auto-responses tailored to specific aspects of the buying process, and other marketing components to help new sales team members become more effective, faster.


    • Plug into more marketing solutions.  Auto dealership CRM software includes features like smart coupons, loyalty programs, and direct mail templates to help you quickly plug into effective marketing solutions. This includes enhanced capabilities like filtering what products customers are looking for and sending alerts to your team to follow-up.

  • Is auto dealership software the right choice for your business?

    If you feel that your dealership could capture more leads, sell more vehicles, and receive higher customer service rankings, then auto dealership software might be the right choice for your business. Investing in a quality software program can provide your dealership with many benefits:

    • Improved customer relations.  Your guests are the driving element of your dealership, especially in this digitally-connected world. Bad service can lead to poor online reviews which drastically impact your credibility. Using CRM auto dealership software allows you to track satisfaction ratings, check for holes in the sales process, and focus on ways to bolster your online presence.
    • Better managed your leads.  An auto dealership software enables you to input guests and potential customers into an easy access system. You can then link these names with provided referrals and group them by where they are at in the buyer’s journey. Such organization enables your team to reach out to new clients as well as follow up with leads where they are in the sales funnel. Never forget that internet leads, whether through your website or a referral, are highly valuable to your dealership. Here, individuals are coming to you with queries about vehicles and not the other way around.

  • High Quality Training

    With a new platform comes quite a few new apps, tools, and programs to learn. Good auto dealership software is backed by an extensive amount of training. Initial training catered to your dealership’s personal sales needs with plenty of training options before, during, and after the platform launches for your company is essential to success.

    Making the decision to implement a piece of software that will help your company grow and prosper will be the best choice you make. That’s why choosing the many solutions that Car-Research XRM has to offer is so great compared to other CRM programs that just offer client relationship options.

  • Single Source Solution

    No more wasting time and money looking for the perfect programs to handle your dealership’s many tasks. A great CRM program does more with less and helps save your company time, energy, and money.

    Using a CRM platform your company will have more time available to focus on other things such as growing your business, increasing sales, and becoming more efficient.

  • Marketing Advantage

    Good auto dealership software gives you plenty of customized marketing options including call, text, email, or direct mail. These help you stay in front of your customers by creating customized marketing campaigns based on what the customer needs or wants.

    The CRM system helps keep customer information updated by prompting your employees to gather information that might be missing. This ensures you can continue communicating with your customers.

  • Employee Statistics

    It’s a known fact customers rate your dealership based on your employees knowledge and skills. How well did an employee answer their questions? Did they appear as if they knew what they were doing? Knowing how well your employees are performing is important in order for your company to succeed.

    Using our software you’ll be able to manage your employees more effectively. We have reports that allow you to see exactly how many opportunities your employees had to close a deal versus how many deals they actually closed. This will help you determine where your employees need the most improvement to be the best they can be.

  • High Efficiency

    If you’re concerned your company isn’t running at its highest efficiency level you’re probably looking for a new program to help boost profits and get more customers in the door. With a good CRM program you’ll get more than just client relationship management. You’ll get reports, numbers, and facts about your company all at a glance.

    You’ll be able to see exactly how your company is doing in each category so you can focus on improving. This is also great if you are trying to manage multiple dealerships at a time. It will help you get a better handle on your business across the board. It’s great to have the information you need to help your company grow right at your fingertips.