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CAR-Research Offers an Auto Dealer CRM Solution

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  • Exceed Traditional CRMs
  • Single Source Solution
  • Since 1994
  • Vast Experience, Industry Knowledge

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  • More Internet Traffic and Better Lead Conversion
  • Increase Client Communication Skills
  • More Closed Sales With Satisfied Customers
  • User Friendly With Training

My favorite part about our new CRM is that everything is in one place. If I want to view a customer’s entire history I can. It helps when people have a ton of questions. I also feel comfortable up-selling because I can see if a customer has declined a product or service in the past

Cathy L.

Everyone says to take care of your Internet leads. Well, before Car-Research XRM we didn’t have a way to do that. It seemed like a lost cause. Now, most of our business comes from freshly converted leads. Our monthly sales are higher than ever

Paul K.

What would your Auto Dealer CRM program do for my company?

Our unique program provides a single-source solution for all your company’s needs. We created our program with a team of people who carry vast experience and industry knowledge. It was made “By Car People, For Car People”. We pride ourselves on knowing what you need as a dealership and what will be the most helpful. A few of the things your company can do with our software include:

  • Drive More Internet Traffic To Your Website
  • Have A Better Way To Convert Leads
  • Communicate Better With Potential, Current, & Past Clients
  • Develop An Easier Way of Handling Information
  • Strengthen Your Marketing Plan
  • Grow Sales With More Opportunities To Make Sales

What does your program do differently than other CRM programs on the market?

CAR-Research XRM exceeds other, traditional programs by providing a more efficient way to handle your company’s day-to-day activities. Using our many built-in apps you’ll be able to do more with one program than you were able to do with 5 or 10 before.
Your company will see better results in:

  • Internet Traffic
  • Lead Conversion
  • Client Communication
  • Return Clients
  • Closed Sales

Since 1994 we’ve striven to create a one-stop shop so you can become the best company possible. Our software allows you to give the best customer experience possible, which will ensure repeat business and plenty of referrals.

Can I easily teach my employees to use CAR-Research XRM?

We built our program with the car dealership in mind. We wanted to make sure it was robust, customizable, and as user-friendly as possible. Our software is not only easy to use and implement in your daily business, but we offer:

  • Onsite Training
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Wrap-Up Visits With Dealer Owner/Manager
  • Webinars
  • Weekly Online Training Classes
  • Remote Monitoring

These are just a few of the ways we like to make sure your dealership is getting the most out of our program. We also provide your company with comprehensive pulse reports that give a detailed review of operations. This way you can see exactly where your dealership needs improvement to boost efficiency

CAR-Research Offers the Only Total CRM Solution within the Industry


CAR-Research has the answers for those seeking a comprehensive single-source auto dealer CRM solution. Utilizing our experience and industry knowledge, we constructed our dealership solution and created the industry’s most advanced single-source solution. It exceeds traditional CRM’s in various ways. It can increase buyer traffic to your website and then convert it into leads and sales. This will also tell you why customers did or did not make a purchase. In addition, you can find out how to retain customers and convert sales. Since 1994, we have helped dealerships grow and increase their profits. Come try our dealer management software today.