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CAR-Research XRM offers a completely integrated telephony monitoring and tracking solution that integrates with your client history. Our CallTrak and CellTrak services promote quality assurance from dealership personnel while tracking all inbound and outbound calls from both LAN lines and mobile devices, including PDA’s and smart phones. Also, tracking phone calls helps with ad sourcing because you can determine the ROI for your advertising campaigns based on inbound phone calls.

WebTrak allows you to immediately initiate phone contact with prospects while they are still on your web site. This service delivers qualified leads to your dealership in real time that results in better contact rates that subsequently creates new opportunities to interact with a prospect and ultimately make a sale.


  • Record all inbound and outbound phone traffic
  • Track the efficiency of your advertising by source
  • Eliminate wasted ad dollars on campaigns that are ineffective
  • Play recorded calls back for training purposes
  • Capture customer information and store it in the CRM
  • Identify callers for missed calls
  • Identify who is calling, where they are calling from, and how to contact them
  • Measure sales and service team members productivity
  • Match calls to Do Not Call screening
  • Unlimited local numbers
  • Vanity and toll free numbers


  • Integrate your sales and service teams cell phones into the CallTrak system
  • Integration into customer history screens
  • Record any or all inbound or outbound cell phone traffic
  • Track the “lost” phone traffic to promote quality assurance and staff accountability
  • Allows staff to work from multiple locations
  • Voice-to-text capability eliminates double entry of data


  • Catch a web visitor in 30 seconds, before you lose them in 60 seconds
  • Immediately respond to Internet leads that are requesting information
  • Catch prospects before they leave your web site
  • Talk to prospects while they are “hot” and still on your web site
  • Immediately identify a prospect as a hot lead or a shopper without making a phone call
  • Deliver quality leads to sales staff with real-time technology
  • Allow staff to manage web traffic and respond to your leads from anywhere
  • Send customer contact information to multiple sales team members at the same time
  • Allow for only one team member to respond to a customer or lead
  • Whisper technology translates customer request information to team member
  • Find me/Follow me and escalation technology ensures a hit every time

Power Dialer

  • Integrated Auto Dialer solution
  • Pulls information from the Daily Work plans
  • Auto screen pop-ups with call scripts
  • Record all phone conversations
  • Manager call monitoring and coaching capability
  • Live pick-up detection
  • Automatic customer history integration
  • Manager splash screen to monitor activity levels and call completion
  • Call disposition schedules and tracking

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