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When your customers come to your dealership for service, it is more important now than ever to take advantage of this opportunity. Once a vehicle is being serviced at your dealership, are you tracking multi-point inspections and identifying up-sell opportunities? Can you identify and track recommended and declined services? Can you manage your promise times to ensure your customers have a positive experience and become repeat customers?
With CAR-Research XRM’s Service Drive Control Manager, we provide you with the tools to perform these tasks and much more. With real-time tracking of repair orders (RO’s), alerts for up-sell opportunities and declined services, work-in-process reporting, system alerts for missed promise times and incomplete customer information, and complete sales and service customer history, Service Drive Control Manager equips your service department with all of the necessary tools to effectively manage a profitable service department.

  • Real-time dynamic route sheet that tracks repair orders (RO’s)
  • Online service appointment scheduling tool
  • Instant key indicator alerts for one-line repair orders, premium services, loaner/rental cars, and more
  • Declined service alerts from previous customer visits
  • Track all multipoint inspections and identify up-sell opportunities
  • Special order parts notification
  • Identify and track recommended and declined services
  • Alerts for both missed promise times and incomplete customer contact updates
  • Comprehensive customer web site with total sales and service history
  • Real-time customer e-mail address acquisition process
  • Work-in-process reporting, including parts, labor, and average customer pay labor
  • Customer follow-up accountability through CTI
  • Real-time shop loading reports
  • Customer e-mail and text messages to communicate RO status
  • Single-click access to customer history
  • Trend reporting and forecasting tool with advisor drill down, including review of inspections
  • Closed RO reporting for current day on display
  • Inspection status alerts, including when an inspection was completed, inspections needing a response, and elapsed time between inspection completion and time of response

Service Drive Control Manager

CAR-Research XRM’s Service Drive Control Manager equips your service department with all of the necessary tools to manage your service drive effectively and profitably. Using our robust service solution, you can track repair orders (RO’s) real time, customize system alerts for events such as missed promise times and incomplete customer information, create and view work-in-process reports, view complete customer service history, and much more. With Service Drive Control Manager, you can perform multi-point inspections on your service department so you can truly evaluate performance, increase service satisfaction, and potentially add up to $50 to $100 dollars per RO

Real-time Key Indicators

Service Drive Control Manager includes a real-time status bar that continuously updates real-time data pulled from you DMS so your service manager and advisor can focus on key indicators that have the greatest impact on the service department. Selecting a key indicator filters and displays only the RO’s that match the selected indicator.
Real-time Financial and Performance Tracking

Service Drive Control Manager displays real-time financial information for open and closed RO’s so you can view and track the performance of your service department. The Open RO’s area displays all financial information from both the service department and customer perspective, including parts, labor, and service total, customer, and average customer pay. The Closed RO’s area displays all the financial information for closed RO’s, including the number of closed orders, total customer pay for parts and service, total customer, and average customer pay.

Automated Customer Contact Tracking

Service Drive Control Manager helps you track customer contact information, including customers without an e-mail address. For example, the real-time status bar includes an indicator that lets you know how many RO’s include customers with no e-mail address. Once you click that RO, the system will alert you to get the customer’s e-mail address upon check out.

Virtual Multi-point Inspections

Our Electronic Multi-point Inspections cover all key areas from bumper-to-bumper so you turn inspection results into service sales opportunities. The inspection process is tailored to a dealer’s preferences and business rules. Customer contact information, vehicle service data, and employee inspection process activity are all captured electronically and then automatically uploaded into the DMS for real-time access to inspection data.

Alerts are sent to service managers and advisors to inform them that an inspection has been performed, what additional services are recommended, and what inspections still need a response. With this information, a service advisor or manager can develop estimates by line, view up-sale opportunities, and track sold and unsold services. Inspection results can be printed or sent electronically via e-mail message to the customer. Finally, because inspection results are stored in the customer history, you can track and market declined services.

Comprehensive and robust report functionality is built into the system so you can track inspections by technician, advisor, sold services, declined services, and much more.

Vehicle Repair Summary

  • Reporting on Key Indicators
  • Trend Report
  • Suite of Inspection Reports
  • Customer Service Visit Contact Report
  • Live Reporting of Premium Services such as 30k 60k Alignments etc.
  • Historical Reporting of Premium Services such as 30k 60k Alignments etc.
  • Op code tracking reports such as wiper blades, rental or loaner cars, brakes etc.

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