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Customize your follow-ups for highly profitable results.

With Results-based Follow-up (RBF) scheduling, you get a highly customizable tool that creates follow-up strategies based on the way you do business. Target prospects by customer types, set follow-up schedules that fit customers’ circumstances and adjust to changes over the course of the ownership cycle.

Following up with customers and prospects is crucial to increasing sales. Your “be-backs” are a rich resource just waiting to be tapped. But unless you have a specific plan in place, it’s easy to put in a lot of effort with minimal results. RBF offers a flexible and effective way to make sure your every lead is followed.

Follow Through on Your Follow-up

Easy-to-set-up reminders and specific instructions for every follow-up situation help ensure customer contact never lapses.

Customized Plans for Maximized Results

Build a unique relationship with each customer by addressing the right needs at the right time, easily adjusting each follow-up plan based on customer response.

Turn Every Employee into a Sale Point

Drive profits and increase productivity with plans that encourage higher levels of involvement and team effort from your employees.


RBF is a component of the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, a completely integrated single‑vendor marketing solution.
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