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Why Choose Us?

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Keep in touch with customers

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Keep your customers updated with information

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Keep your customers satisfied and returning

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Provide a great experience

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Will your dealership CRM actually help me keep in touch with customers?

Using our program, your company will be able to keep in touch with customers like never before. We offer a wide variety of multi-channel engagement options for you to stay in front of your customers. A few options included in our On-Demand Marketing Toolbox are:

  • Voice Call
  • SMS Text Message
  • Email
  • Direct Mail

Giving your customers options on how they can be reached is ideal for open and conversion rates. If they don’t like receiving direct mail they can opt to receive coupons and service reminders through email. Keeping them happy is what keeps them coming back and boosts your overall sales rate. We even offer the option to create a loyalty program to implement with your seasoned customers. This will give them a reason to stick with you as other dealerships pop up around town.

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How is your software more efficient than other CRM programs on the market today?

Our platform is more efficient because it allows you to do more with a single piece of software than you’d usually do with 5 or even 10. Using the CAR-Research XRM you can do many of the things you may pay for multiple other programs to achieve. We save you time, money, and energy by putting all our apps, tools, and functions in one robust, user-friendly package. All at a glance, you’ll have access to:

  • Inventory & Data
  • Financial Reports
  • Employee Performance Reports

This ensures you know exactly what is going on in your company to help improve sales and performance. This is especially helpful if you own multiple locations. You can access all of the information for your business and customers anywhere, anytime.

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How do I know if this kind of software is right for me?

Automotive business software may not be needed if you already own many programs to do the things we advertise. However, if you are tired of using 10 different programs to keep in touch with clients and run reports, then maybe it’s time to switch. CAR-Research XRM can be useful to any dealer who wants to up customer satisfaction. We provide the tools to:

  • Keep In Touch
  • Keep Updated
  • Keep Satisfied

When you provide a customer with information you not only keep them happy–you keep them coming back. The more they return, the more your sales increase. This will boost your review ratings and have more people coming to your business than ever before.

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CAR-Research Exceeds Your Expectations

At CAR-Research, we help dealerships grow and increase profits through our total single-source, dealership CRM solution. We utilize our CAR-Research XRM, the industry’s most robust, customizable and user-friendly CRM. It is a complete, out-of-the-box software solution that will mold itself around your business processes. It exceeds traditional CRMs because it is a Total Lifecycle Management Solution. You can reach out to customers anytime or anywhere while using various communication methods in a single, easy-to-use platform. This eliminates the need for various vendors while ensuring success at the same time. Since 1994, we have helped many dealerships with our auto dealer CRM along with our vast experience and knowledge of the industry.


  • Car Research

    You can’t ask for a better system than one

    CAR-Research XRM
    Date Published : 26 Mar, 2014

    James L

    I’m a fan of CAR-Research XRM because it helps me to stay in touch with customers while I try to find more. You can’t ask for a better system than one that lets you do multiple things at once

  • Car Research

    We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction

    CAR-Research XRM
    Date Published : 08 Apr, 2016

    Janice T

    We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. The fact that we can view reports on our CSI and see exactly where we need improvement is worth it to us


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