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CAR-Research Offers a Total Dealership CRM Solution



  • Single Source Solution
  • Exceed Traditional CRMs
  • In Business Since 1994
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You will be able to increase buyer traffic on your website and then turn that visit into an actual lead and potential sale. More traffic to your website, equals more vehicles sales which grows your dealership’s overall revenue.



Overcome “true” buyer objections by identifying false excuses that buyers often give. With a comprehensive and an always up-to-date database, you will have the best information available to sell more vehicles.


Vehicle Exchange

How many more vehicles could you service with more information about each vehicle? With the most robust CRM platform in the industry, now you can service as many vehicles as your staff can handle.


Service Drive

Contact more customers at the right time, using the right methods in a single easy-to-use platform. Your customers will get the personal touch that they deserve.

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CAR-Research Exceeds Your Expectations


At CAR-Research, we help dealerships grow and increase profits through our total single-source, dealership CRM solution. We utilize our CAR-Research XRM, the industry’s most robust, customizable and user-friendly CRM. It is a complete, out-of-the-box software solution that will mold itself around your business processes. It exceeds traditional CRMs because it is a Total Lifecycle Management Solution. You can reach out to customers anytime or anywhere while using various communication methods in a single, easy-to-use platform. This eliminates the need for various vendors while ensuring success at the same time. Since 1994, we have helped many dealerships with our auto dealer CRM along with our vast experience and knowledge of the industry.