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At CAR-Research XRM, we have leveraged our thorough knowledge of the automotive industry to develop a proven singular solution that helps you run your dealership more effectively and proficiently. CAR-Interactive is a web-based, comprehensive CRM solution that helps you increase revenue from sales and service, improve your customer satisfaction index (CSI) and service satisfaction index (SSI), and boost your dealership’s gross profit. With our CRM, you can consolidate all departments in your dealership into a manageable solution that delivers value through proven processes at every stage of the customer life cycle.

Our CRM also includes robust features like our Internet Lead Manager (ILM), Showroom Control Manager, Business Development Center (BDC), Database Solution, and Reporting modules to help you enhance the customer experience while increasing revenue-generating opportunities and improving staff accountability and production.

  • Key metric notifications by text messaging
  • Integrated call management solution
  • Employee goal setting and reporting
  • Dealer Dialer which performs customer follow-up calls
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Save-A-Deal module
  • Concern resolution management
  • Time-clock management system
  • License plate customer notification system
  • Loaner car manager
  • Gas requisition system
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Prospect button to ensure logging of all showroom traffic
  • Automated scrolling displays of appointments and sales
  • Real-time reporting suite, including ROI
  • Enterprise reporting suite for dealership groups
  • VIN decoding
  • CAR-Smart Calls that deliver pre-recorded calls to the customer
  • Enterprise inventory management solution
  • Unlimited users and security levels

Customizable Dashboards

Fully customizable dealer dashboards deliver powerful CRM information to you in a glance. Configure individual dashboards to show different departmental views giving your management team and sales staff the ability to quickly and easily access the information that is critical to get the job done. CAR-Research XRM dashboards contain the most comprehensive dealer views in the industry. Customized GM, Sales Manager, Internet, BDC, Sales Personnel, and Service View screens put the power of information in one easy to view screen and through 1-click drill downs cuts back on wasted time searching through the system to find the information you need to manage your day.

Dashboard Departments:

  • Owner Level
  • General Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Internet Manager
  • Internet Sales
  • Business Development Center
  • Sales Personnel
  • Service Managers
  • Service Writers

Dashboard Components:

  • Dealership Overview
  • Departmental Activity
  • Dealership Pulse
  • Sales Tracking
  • Hot Prospects
  • Showroom Traffic
  • Appointments
  • Communication Activity
  • Sales Process Management
  • Task Management
  • Call Tracking Logs
  • Internet Opportunities
  • Open Service RO
  • Quick Reports
  • Enterprise Internet
  • Enterprise Opportunities
  • Enterprise Appointments
  • Enterprise Reporting


Does your current CRM allow you to save 45 minutes on every car deal? Increase deal gross and speed up your customers buying experience with XRM’s integrated desking utility. Developed by car guys for car guys, XRM’s desking application allows you to easily work multiple car deals at one time and multiple deal scenarios without having to jump between multiple screens. Retail, Lease, Balloon, or Flex-Buy deal structures are displayed in one easy to use interface allowing your managers to work the right deal for your customers instantly!

Integrated with your dealership DMS, Route 1, and DealerTrack allows you to improve your customers experience at your dealership by cutting deal times in half! Print worksheets, 4-squares, buyers orders, we-owes, and any number of forms directly from the ‘Quick Print’ application giving your numbers presentation that professional look that will instill confidence in your customers they are making the right decision and getting the best deal!

  • DMS Integration
  • DealerTrack Integration
  • Route 1 Integration
  • Form Management
  • Deal Packets
  • Trade Tool Integration
  • CarFax and AutoCheck Integration

Showroom Control Manager

The Showroom Control Manager feature provides a consolidated real-time view of your entire dealership, including showroom, phone, and Internet traffic. Using the Showroom Control Manager, you can manage every part of the sales process from scanning a driver’s license to capture customer information to working a deal.

  • Real-time electronic desk log
  • Optical scanner captures multiple drivers licenses and proof of insurance and income
  • Single-click access to complete customer history, customer correspondence, and sold and service data from DMS
  • Easily swap buyer and co-buyer on a deal
  • Customize dealership forms for deal jacket
  • Sales process management and reporting
  • Access to customer purchase details, including rate, payment information and more
  • Skate protection with manager text message alerts
  • Enter customer trade information
  • Pull trades from currently owned vehicles

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