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Why Choose Us?

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Increase traffic to your website with great marketing tools

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Convert more leads by providing information

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Make more sales by going above and beyond

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Customizable, user-friendly program to make it happen

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Why would purchasing your Car Dealer CRM program make sense for my company?

If your company is looking for a better way to stay in touch with customers while also boosting the amount of new customers you gain, CAR-Research XRM makes sense for your company. Using our groundbreaking platform you can communicate with your customers anywhere, anytime. This boosts your credibility as a one-stop source for all things vehicle-related and helps you stay in front of your customers.
By using our CRM program your company will be able to:

  • Increase Buyer Traffic
  • Convert More Leads
  • Make More Sales

Increasing buyer traffic is key to having more leads for your company to convert. With our easy-to-use system we provide the tools to convert those leads into sales and boost your company’s overall profits.

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Why should I choose your software over other programs on the market?

If you are tired of searching for the right CRM program that is going to turn out results and won’t be overly difficult to use, then look no further. While other companies may boast about doing a number of things for your company, we can actually back it up. With our CRM program you get a system that is:

  • Customizable
  • User-Friendly
  • Easy-To-Train

This ensures everyone in your company is on the same page and able to take advantage of the many tools we offer to grow your business. You’ll also notice that unlike other companies, our software offers a great ROI. No more losing money. With CAR-Research XRM you’ll be gaining fresh leads to convert into as many sales and repair orders as your staff can handle.

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Is there a significant difference in the amount of business that my company will retain by using this kind of program?

Chances are, if you are looking for a dealership software, you are looking for a way your company can do more business. While most platforms out there only focus on client relationships, we cover that and so much more.
On top of great customer service tools we offer:

  • Inventory Solutions
  • Business Development Tools
  • Telephony Solutions
  • Data Management Tools
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Marketing Solutions

These tools ensure that you have the information your customers are after and can deliver it in many different ways. By providing this information, having the built-in tools to market your company in a variety of ways, and making sure your staff can handle situations you should see a significant increase in closed sales.

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CAR-Research is Raising Up the Standards for CRM with their Robust XRM Platform

CAR-research has invented a car dealer CRM that is far beyond what you may expect. The CAR-Research XRM is designed in a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes dealership CRM, communications with customers and database marketing. We have made it to be user-friendly, robust and customizable. It provides a Total Lifecycle Management Solution, where you can communicate with customers anytime using any type of communication. You can experience an increase in web traffic and experience customer conversions and sales as well as customer retention. Best of all, it provides you with excellent ROI so you concentrate on selling cars. Contact us today for more information.


  • Car Research

    By using Car-Research’s XRM tool my company has seen a significant growth in web traffic

    Car-Research’s XRM
    Date Published : 25 Feb, 2015

    Sheryl H

    By using Car-Research’s XRM tool my company has seen a significant growth in web traffic. Now we have the tools and scripts to convert our leads and provide our customers with the information they want

  • Car Research

    We love that the CRM program is easy to use and teach

    we won’t go back
    Date Published : 12 Jan, 2015

    Jason M

    We love that the CRM program is easy to use and teach. We used to use multiple programs to handle daily tasks of our company. Now we just use one and we won’t go back!

The top benefits of our Car Dealer CRM software

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