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Compete Against the Top Dealerships with Automotive CRM Software

Posted on September 9, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 9 September 2013 by Car Research]

CRM or customer relationship management software uses technology to manage an auto dealership’s relationship with those who have purchased cars or will purchase them in the future. In order to reach top levels of recognition and sales, auto dealers often benefit from using automotive CRM software systems to help them organize information about customers and funnel sales and service information to the proper people.

What Is A CRM System?

A CRM system is a software that manages information. Automotive CRM software can be used to perform a variety of tasks for a dealership, including:


CRM software handles all aspects of marketing campaigns. When potential customers click on an Internet advertisement on any website, CRM software can direct those customers to the right dealership. CRM software can also handle phone calls, emails, direct mail contact and social media contacts. 

Customer Service

There is almost no limit to the number of customer service tasks CRM software can handle. CRM systems can set up appointments for customers to come into a dealership and shop, set up service appointments, synchronize appointments with sales or service personnel calendars, and create reports from customer questions or comments to be forwarded to the proper person.


CRM systems can track almost any type of customer interaction at any point in the sales funnel. For example, CRM systems can be programmed to track social media interaction and positive or negative feedback through social media platforms. This is the type of data compilation that may be very difficult for dealerships to accomplish on a regular basis and in a standardized way, but a CRM system can easily handle this type of information.

Mobile Capabilities

Many CRM systems have been adapted to mobile applications so that sales personnel can stay in touch with the dealership at all times. Mobile apps allow sales and service employees to keep up with everything that is going on around them and organize their time effectively.

How Can A CRM System Benefit An Auto Dealership?

There are many ways a CRM system benefits an auto dealership, but two of the most important are by increasing sales and helping dealerships gain status in their respective geographic areas.

Increasing sales is, of course, the goal of almost any investment by a business. As CRM is an investment, dealership owners expect to see an increase in sales, and they are usually not disappointed. By organizing all the information available to sales, service and other personnel in one format, CRM software makes it much easier for dealerships to close sales seamlessly and to find potential customers. CRM software also allows dealerships to provide better service to current customers, raising the dealership’s reputation and making it more likely to maintain customer relationships.

By raising a dealership’s esteem with its customers, CRM systems also improve the dealership’s ranking among other dealerships in the same geographic area. This improvement in reputation and ranking will ultimately translate into increased profit for owners.

CRM software can give a dealership the advantage and edge it needs to succeed. Most importantly, CRM software helps dealerships offer customers a more satisfying experience from initial interest in a vehicle through the sale and during the entire period of ownership.

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