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You Don’t Have to Be a Tech Whiz to Use Car Dealer Software

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 25 October 2013 by Car Research]

Many dealerships still refuse to upgrade their systems to modern car dealer software. They feel more advanced solutions would require that they learn overly complicated procedures to do what they already accomplish. However, modern CRM software solutions not only make regular the day-to-day running of a car dealership easier, they make many of the associated tasks easier as well.

Monitoring Inventory

Most common CRM car dealer software systems make inventory monitoring much easier, allowing for a range of search options to find the exact automobile that you or your customer is looking for in the most efficient way possible. In many cases, just entering a vehicle identification number (VIN) into the system allows the rest of the vital information about the car to be auto-populated from an online database, making it much simpler to track and maintain an accurate record, as well as cutting down on human error. Similarly, many forms of car dealer software have built in systems that make promoting inventory online a snap, sometimes generating websites in as little as seconds then uploading them to pre-designated servers.

Managing Leads

According to a study done this year 75% of the time that car buyers spend shopping is done online. That means that obtaining and managing leads has become even more important in the digital age. Many forms of CRM software make it easy not only to effectively manage leads and keep people interested, but also to assign various leads to different sales reps so that they can keep an eye on the people they’ve made personal contact with.

Integrated Financing

The emergence of “Buy Here Pay Here” models of financing has also made it more difficult to integrate systems so that dealers can both offer this low-credit-score option and keep track of it. This reason is why it’s so useful that many CRM software suites now include financing systems that make it very simple to keep track of what is owed, what has been paid, and by whom, not to mention usually being able to produce reports that keep you informed of satisfaction levels after the sale. Older dealer software solutions don’t account for newer financing models, requiring a extra paperwork and integration of wildly disparate systems.

Calculated Credit Checks and Loan Rates

Credit checks and calculators are far more effective when they can gather the most current data and integrate that information into the price determination process. With many older systems, determining price per month and financing options required hours of work making calls and finding out all of the variables that contribute to a car sale. Now it only takes a click of a button to access loan rates from a number of sources, search credit history, and keep up to date on every element that goes into calculating a sale.

Far from being overly complicated, most new CRM systems are actually much easier than older systems. They combine different, but related solutions into a single place, allowing a dealer and their employees to make sales more efficiently and promote better customer satisfaction. It doesn’t take a tech whiz to be able to use car dealer software.

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