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Where to Start With Automotive CRM Software

Posted on January 22, 2014 by Car Research

[Posted on 22 January 2014 by Car Research]

If you are just learning about automotive CRM software and what it can do for your dealership, you are not alone. In the past few years, many dealers have discovered the benefits of using automotive CRM software and are wondering why they did not take advantage of this useful tool sooner.

If you have not yet learned what automotive CRM software is and how it can benefit your business, here are some basic facts about this asset that will help you understand how it can benefit your dealership and improve your bottom line.

What Does Automotive CRM Software Do?

A BDC or business development center is the generic term for any grouping of business tasks that ensures continuity, streamlining and beneficial task allocation. This means that call centers, computer databases and other forms of handling large amounts of incoming or outgoing information all fall under the heading of BDC. BDCs operate on CRM or customer relationship management software. Automotive CRM software is the backbone of any business development center or program for managing customer communication and information throughout the life of the relationship.

Unlike other retail establishments, when a dealership sells a car, it is not the end of the story for the relationship between the dealership and the customer. The overarching goal of a dealership is not just to sell cars but to be the first line of defense for service and the place the customer returns when he or she is ready for a new vehicle. 

Because there is such a long half-life in the relationship with any customer, it is vital that dealerships manage the entire spectrum of customer relations, from the moment a person begins to think about buying a car through the sale and years of service to the moment of trade in when the cycle begins again. Ideally, your dealership will be the one that the customer turns to without question. This is where Automotive CRM software becomes crucial. From the moment you target specific groups of potential customers, you will need management for the information you receive. This includes:

Management of Sales Leads

This is what most people think of when they think of CRM software, but it is actually only a part of the entire process. Nevertheless, it is an important one, targeting groups by various demographics that help you use your advertising dollars to their best possible benefit.

Closing Sales

With appointment management, scheduling, sales follow up, phone call and email management and a host of other services, CRM software makes it easy for your sales staff to handle a large influx of potential buyers. You can even set up text messaging to push out timely information to all of your sales people at once.

Customer Service Management

Once the customer has bought a vehicle, the real work begins. It is now up to you to turn that one-time customer into a loyal return customer, and service management, with reminders for scheduled maintenance and handling of any questions or complaints, is the way to do so. CRM software makes it easy to handle this task.

Equity Marketing

Targeting those customers who are ready to trade is one of the easiest and best ways to share incentives and build customer loyalty. CRM software can help you design equity campaigns that actually work.

With all that CRM software does for dealerships, it’s no wonder so many dealers have turned to this new technology to help them increase their revenue and build their businesses.

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