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Selecting the Right Dealership Software

Posted on September 3, 2014 by Car Research

As an auto dealer trying to make a living in the community, you require the right resources and tools to ensure a smooth-running company. Auto dealerships are a unique animal in that they require a specific set of tools to accomplish their stated goals. In order to be successful, you’ll need some kind of automotive CRM car dealer software that will allow you to effectively manage your business, smooth out operations and train employees to keep up with a positive bottom line. Car-Research XRM is an example of a effective form of dealership CRM that will help you increase not only efficiency but production as well.


Using Dealership Marketing to Up Sales

CAR-Research XRM is a dealer management software suite that is unique in that it’s single source solution that utilizes one format to achieve several different elements. These solutions lead to solid business relationships with vendors yet consistently score well on the ROI end of things, thanks to an effective CRM suite that’s critical to your sales initiative. An effective dealer marketing solution, such as through XRM’s Automated Targeted Marketing System, is rich in features that increase your top-notch communications with customers, thanks to one format that achieves many tasks, from calls and reminders to email and direct mail. You can customize the features that work best for you, such as the incorporation of text message marketing. Having a centralized database that is capable of increasing retention and conversion with a promise of higher ROI, you can’t afford not to integrate this strong marketing campaign in your daily operations. Explore car dealer software tools through proven marketing solutions such as equity searches and financing contracts.


A 3D Approach

The beauty of this type of approach to marketing is that it does much more than just touch the surface, it delves deep into a multi-layering marketing process that gives you additional tools like Data Mining to truly explore a variety of messaging techniques. From email and text to voice message and appointment setting, you can use these marketing tools to maintain an open line of communication with your customers. This is all made possible thanks to templates that are easy to use and navigate, which customizes the management of sales and marketing to a point where you can experience increased sales and revenue through almost effortless equity marketing.


Success Begins with Quality CRM

Your goal should be to not only find customers but to do so at a lower cost to acquire them, while at the same time utilizing all the opportunities you can to make revenue, encompassing service, parts and sales, according to Dealer Marketing Magazine. You could achieve this through Car-Research’s XRM campaigns in relation to recognition of anniversaries, buy backs and parts notifications, for example. Using these proven strategies to your advantage will help you stay in contact with your customers. If you lose them and don’t entice them to come back, you may never see them again. Stay relevant to your customers and they will reward you with loyalty. Making your customers feel cared for is the goal of your dealership so flesh out those strategies using a state of the art software suite like Car-Research XRM.

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