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Take Your Sales to Unprecedented Heights with Dealer CRM

Posted on October 14, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 14 October 2013 by Car Research]

Auto dealers know that competition is fierce and they need to do more to improve sales. Aggressive sales tactics won’t work with savvy consumers, and it can backfire if customers feel pressured. However, dealers can still take their sales to the next level by investing in dealer CRM software to help make their sales team more efficient. 

Accessible Customer Information

In a traditional setup, customer information winds up in several different locations. There are service department records for current car owners; each member of the sales team will have a list of people who are interested in certain cars; the used car lot may have a listing of customers looking for specific models; and finally, there is information gathered on people who visit the sites online or call in just to ask questions. With dealer CRM, these fields can all be combined and organized into one interface. It allows a sales member to see that a loyal, current owner has been asking questions about trading in a certain model that used buyers are looking for. They can see if the same person is making multiple inquiries or came in for a test drive. With this information, they can reach out to their customers in a meaningful and more effective way.

Faster Response to Customers

With the database and customizable reports, sales teams can provide customers with a fast response. They can respond quickly to inventory queries because they’ll have easy access to the information. They can also Email customers or make calls from the directly. The most effective software programs actually organize data, compile the information and synchronize it with important client information to ensure that questions are answered and customers can enjoy faster responses.

Managing Leads

Sales teams have leads coming in from countless directions, including through the website, social media, direct calls and Email. With CRM, they can keep track of leads, follow up with customers and track the results. It provides more efficient lead conversion which leads to higher profit levels.

Putting Social Media to Work

More dealers are recognizing the value of social media in marketing. With CRM apps, there are several ways to track customers and keep up with them. Dealers can answer questions that are posted on social media sites and gather leads. They can track conversations to gain important insights and track leads that come in through the various media forms.

Task Management

The sales team at any dealer has a lot on their plate. In addition to trying to boost their customer base, they’re also watching for customers walking through the door. It’s easy to lose their place in marketing work and forget to get back to an important task. With task management apps, the sales team can stay on track. They can organize tasks according to priority, add or delete tasks, and easily bookmark what they were working on.

Better Goals

CRM software designers recognize the importance of setting goals and tracking them. They can look at projections, manage client information, set goals and ensure that they’re staying on track. Improved goal setting and maintenance leads to greater efficiency levels, and helps dealers improve profit levels.

Dealers can benefit greatly from CRM software. In addition to boosting their sales and profit levels, they’ll also have happier employees who are enjoying greater earnings. The software systems are a smart investment in any dealer who’s looking to move into the 21st century and take their business to a higher level.

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