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The potential power of using an automotive crm program at your dealership

Posted on June 10, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 10 June 2013 by Car Research]

In the car business there are a couple of factors that can virtually kill your customer base—one is poor salesmanship, and the other is poor customer satisfaction—automotive crm (Customer Relationship Management) is crucial to your success.

Money is tight in this current economy. New technologies like smartphones, tablets, and other electronic media have made the average customer far more informed about a purchase. Sometimes, they are informed with bad information—nevertheless—a dealership and its sales force has to be prepared to perform at its best to win the day.

Customer relationships are the bedrock with which any successful business builds its foundation and its eventual long-term accomplishments. A well-rounded and comprehensive automotive crm software program can make all the difference in that endeavor.

Automotive crm numbers and virtual graphics tell the real tale of how clients are responding to sales techniques, dealership inventory, and overall dealership satisfaction. CAR Research has the best and most innovative software programs to run your dealership on the market today.

When clients walk into the dealership how are they greeted? These types of small details can be managed in the “employee goal setting and performance” portion of the software. If the sales staff hears the familiar, “we`re just looking,” there are management functions to keep track of potential prospects and showroom traffic. Let`s take a look at a few of the features available in the automotive crm program that will enhance customer management and satisfaction.

First, there are an unlimited amount of users and various security levels depending on the nature of the employee’s position within the company. The CEO, owner, or CFO has the ability to see and monitor various aspects of the software data collection that other employees cannot access.

The “Dealer Dialer” program ensures that each potential customer receives a callback from your dealership. Unfortunately, not all salesmen/women are willing to perform this duty as often as they should. This simple “leak” in the system could cost the dealership a ton of money in lost potential sales. An automotive crm data base will keep these potential customers in an automated system to do the “call backs”—keeping them informed and leading them back to your showroom.

One of the most important aspects of building a customer base is in the gathering and management of leads. The internet has become the most active place for potential leads. Most prospective buyers begin their search for an automobile on the internet. CAR Research automotive crm software solutions include internet lead programs to manage these possible buyers and lead them to the showroom.

With the amazing advances in technology which are available to manage the many aspects of running a successful dealership—automotive crm is an essential part of keeping up with, and beating, your competition.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of retaining valuable clients is customer complaint resolution and management. Often, these situations can fall to the “back-burner” and leave a potential client heading to the next dealership. CAR Research automotive crm software includes a “Concern management” program that will ensure these complaints are tracked and resolved in a timely manner.

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