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Must-Haves for Dealer CRM Software

Posted on August 1, 2014 by Car Research

Dealer CRM software, at its core, brings dealerships together with their customers. As such, you need a plan that develops and  reflects data through dashboards that are not only easy to use but that also organize and illustrate information that’s priority number one for all your staff. Your customer relationship management (CRM) plan must be mobile and interactive yet completely functional, timely and relevant. Think you can’t achieve that with a traditional dealer CRM? Well, you can when it’s from CAR-Research XRM. This will allow you to jack up the fluidity of your daily ops, build customer loyalty and retention, and increase leads. From customer follow-up and reputation management to call monitoring and tracking, you can access to it all in one software suite, with integrated solutions like Service Drive Control Manager and Automated Targeted Marketing System.


Up Your Sales

Of course, the biggest benefit you as a dealer ultimately want is to see your sales increase and thus your profits. You can use a variety of helpful Dealer CRM marketing tools to capture the attention of your customers and get them loyal to your services. Through a CRM plan that engages them and keeps them interested in what you have to offer, you are better able to follow them throughout their entire time with you, from shopping for a car to servicing that car on a regular basis. With XRM, you can keep track of critical-care issues, gather important information and use it to help you manage your customers better.


What to Look For in CRM Tools

The CRM software you ultimately go with needs to be user friendly for everyone in your charge — period. From business development centers to desking to telephony, you need to take a long hard look at the potential for integration between systems, websites and software. Don’t get ahead of yourself and try all features at once. In fact, Dealer Marketing says you should first cull the list to about five for the most comfortable integration into your existing processes. Consider tools such as collaborative data management for file sharing, social CRM tools to complement traditional marketing efforts, operational CRM tools for sales force automation and quote generation, and marketing automation CRM to handle demographics and mailing lists.


What an Effective CRM Plan Must Encompass

There are a few main components that any CRM plan should have, including detailed reporting, in-house training, easy-to-use manager’s dashboard, simple template builder, easy upload tools to manage prospects, campaign builders, do not call lists and call-tracking integration. For the best dealership CRM, you need access to a software suite that’s robust and customizable, that goes above and beyond traditional CRMs, gels with your existing business processes, and provides a solid return on investment. An excellent CRM will drive more traffic to your site, overcome traditional sources of buyer objections, increase vehicle information exchange, and capture the attention of more customers at the right time with the right tools through one single-use platform. When you can combine all these features in one solution, you know you’ve got the right CRM plan for your dealership.

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