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The Importance of Car Dealership Software

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Car Research

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Have you ever wondered why car dealership software is so important? According to, “Lower gas prices are leading to higher car sales, especially for more profitable trucks and SUVs.” This is actually really good news for those in this industry, but finding a way to keep up with the sale and demand that’s taking place here can prove difficult. However, with the help of this software, that’s no longer an issue.

This software plays an important role in maintaining a car dealership business. With car dealership software, it’s easier to track inventory considering that this plays an integral part in your business. This is both desirable and necessary. Not only is this important for internal knowledge, but thanks to the internet, there’s a huge demand for sharing information with third parties today. For this reason, the chosen software needs to be able to export data in a variety of formats to websites, automobile sites and any classified ad sites upon which you’re working to sell vehicles. Therefore, keep an eye out for any and all the following features when searching for the right car dealership software.


Basic Features

The automobile inventory module of this software program must allow for the user to enter or edit comprehensive information about each new or used vehicle as it comes on to or exits from the lot easily. This information should include things like the VIN (vehicle identification number), MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), invoice price, and any available packaging offers. Of course, these are just some of the various pieces of information needed for each vehicle.

Since this is significant information to know about the vehicles, it’s important for it to be self-explanatory so that everyone can easily use it without entering a lot of data or redundant commands. It’s also important to move information to the new system from the old one with great ease.


The Importance of Having Photos

The software must also be able to handle more than text and numerical information. Additionally, it should store images that are then available for use in different environments. Static, one size images aren’t very valuable, so it needs to be easy to resize them or change their resolutions. After editing the photos, it’s time for the car dealership software to send the photo, along with its information, to websites that display the dealership’s inventory. Keep in mind that some of these images are necessary for print materials, including things like flyers, newspaper ads, and brochures.


Advanced Features within the Software

When working with high-quality software, there are oftentimes more advanced features available for use. An example of such a feature is the ability to track what records were already sent to third-party websites to avoid sending duplicate information at any given time. Furthermore, it’s important for the car dealership software to automatically sync with the dealership’s website so that no manual change to the website is necessary when updating the vehicle inventory system.


Car Sales Metrics

Since each vehicle sells at a different rate, it’s also desirable for software to watch such metrics. Another important metric is the way a salesperson is performing their best at any specific time. Statistics like these are things that the software needs to generate at any given moment so that you always know exactly what’s going on within the dealership itself.


Car Dealership Software Helps With Stocking

Car dealerships require maintaining inventory, which can cause feelings similar to those of walking on a tightrope. According to Chron, without enough inventory, there’s the risk of losing sales, but having too much inventory is even more costly. Therefore, this software is necessary for two things here:

Avoiding stock outs: You never want to turn away customers who are there; ready to hand their money over, simply because the vehicle they want isn’t available. Not only are stock outs costly, they can also make customers leave for good since they want to deal with someone who’s prepared to satisfy their needs. This is why it’s so important to have car dealership software for tracking inventory and forecasting when new inventory is necessary. This allows for placing orders far enough in advance to avoid a stock out.

Avoiding overstocking: Poor inventory management oftentimes leads to overstocking (having too many cars in the lot at any given time). The longer cars sit on the lot without being sold, the greater the chance is that nobody will ever buy them, so they need to be written off and offered for a really deep discount. This is because cars change styles each year and may even get damaged simply by sitting in the lot.


Why Car Dealership Software Is Necessary

Understanding just how important this software is prepares you to go out in the market and find something that fits the business’ needs. This is precisely what Car-Research is offering. Their software has a powerful inventory control module that allows the dealership to work efficiently. They truly know the business inside out because they are “car guys,” not software developers per say. Therefore, this software will exceed traditional CRMs by molding itself around the business and its processes. With this robust, customizable, user-friendly software, there comes an excellent ROI.

You’re probably wondering how all of this is possible though. Under development since the mid-1990s, this car dealership software company has worked to develop and grow the standards they have for themselves when it comes to the standards they’ve set for their CRM. This is all put to the test daily as it’s been “built by car people for car people.” In this way, the CRM platform’s communication and database marketing were revolutionized in ways that far surpass traditional CRMs.

This makes for a robust, customizable, user-friendly system that allows for success. There’s even a total Lifecycle Management Solution that allows for easy, single-step communication with customers. The only way to know for sure that this car dealership software really is the best in the market is to try it for yourself today.