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Identify the Right Dealer CRM for Your Business

Posted on September 25, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 25 September 2013 by Car Research]

Knowing what to look for when purchasing dealer CRM programs is very important. The type of CRM program that is appropriate for each dealership varies based on how the software will be used. In order to choose the right type of CRM program, dealers should consider how each component of the CRM fits in with current practice or with projected goals for improvement.

Identify Areas of Concern

Ask any dealer what he or she is most concerned about at the dealership and the answer will be one of three things: sales team, service team, or service and sales teams. Therefore, it makes sense to identify items that are of particular concern when implementing a dealer CRM program. 

CRM or customer relationship management software is designed to bring together all facets of an organization. It allows everyone to analyze their own weaknesses and find the tools to improve performance. It also allows owners to get a quick snapshot of exactly what is happening in the dealership day-to-day.

CRM can often cover multiple areas of concern for a dealership, so it is important to keep in mind exactly how those areas are expected to perform, and then integrate those expectations with the overall performance of the CRM system.

Analyze Performance of those Areas

Once areas of concern have been identified, the implementation of the CRM system can begin. This allows owners to focus on particular areas of performance and analyze how they are doing both before and after the CRM software is put in to place. An example of this might be:

Internet Performance

How many dealers really know how much of their business comes from the Internet? Web advertising and interaction is now involved at every level of the sales funnel. The only way to be sure that leads are being picked up and that website performance is at a maximum is to focus on Internet performance through a software program. A good CRM looks at the performance of all aspects of a web campaign, website or other Internet marketing strategy.

Equity Sales

For those who purchased vehicles in the past and are ready to trade in, it is important to manage equity sales properly. CRM software can identify potential buyers by age of vehicle and even suggest upgrades that may be appropriate for the customer.

Vehicle Exchange

For those who want to make a lateral change from one vehicle brand to another, CRM software can track brand-specific buys as well to ensure that customers have all the options possible for their vehicle exchange.

Service Drive

It is critical that good service be a part of the experience of any buyer at a dealership if they are to keep returning as customers in the future. Therefore, it is very important that dealers pay attention to the service aspects of CRM software as well. CRM can manage everything from call centers to service desks, allowing service professionals to work with those who need specific help for repairs, replacements and other service issues. CRM software can also help service departments handle inventory and make information instantly available to everyone.

CRM software is one of the best ways possible for dealers to take control of their businesses and create a seamless information system that will keep them on top of all aspects of their company.

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