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What to Do if Your Dealership is Failing

Posted on June 9, 2015 by Car Research

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So, you currently run a dealership, but business has not been as good as usual. Less cars are being sold or brought in for service, customer feedback is less complimentary, and overall organization is haphazard. If you currently have a customer relationship management software program, perhaps it is time to look at other options. And if you don’t have one, get one as soon as possible.

The “customer relationship management” concept is focused on helping your dealership connect with its current and potential clients in an efficient manner. So, ultimately, an auto dealer CRM software suite can make a huge difference between your dealership’s success and failure.


Here are certain aspects of auto dealer CRM software that can help your dealership:


Smooth Integration of Dealership Operations

The ideal CRM software is adept in being the one-stop place for every aspect of the dealership. You and your employees should be able to enter inventory, respond to customer inquiries, create financing applications, and enter service requests, among other functions. That way, everything about the dealership is easier and more convenient to carry out and accomplish.


Speedy Response to Inquiries

The ideal CRM software takes full advantage of the Internet, where, according the automotive industry experts, 90 percent of customers start their new vehicle search. And with dozens of dealerships within your vicinity, there is always stiff competition. Once customers send their inquiries, the system alerts sales associates, who can then follow up with them via email or phone. Also look out for software suites that also enable your employees to respond via text message or smartphones, or maximize the latest technology tools available. Responding quickly to inquiries is crucial in increasing the chances of customers stopping by the showroom to meet with sales associate, let alone buying vehicles from your dealership.


Potential as a Marketing Machine

A huge part of CRM is about always getting new customers and retaining loyal ones. With a robust database of names and contact information, you can email weekly or monthly incentives, showcasing your dealership’s latest promotional sales. You can even tailor deals according to holiday or holiday seasons, which include President’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Marketing can also be customer-specific; for instance, you can send notifications to people who have lease contracts that are about to run out, or have remarkably high interest rates on their car loans.


Improvement in Customer Service

Many people go to dealerships again and again because of the great experiences they have on a consistent basis. And the ideal CRM software accomplishes that by making the dealership’s response to customers as quick and thorough as possible. Whether it’s tracking down a certain make and model, referring a complaint to the appropriate department, or sending thank-you notes for customers stopping by for a purchase or servicing of their vehicle, you always want to make people feel welcome and deserving of your business.


Diversification of Revenue

Of course, dealerships are more than just vehicle sales. There’s considerable revenue to be gleaned from people bringing in their automobiles for service—whether it’s an oil change, brake pads or an engine replacement. There’s also the parts and accessories department, where customers can purchase a vast array of items that include floor mats, wheel covers, and car fresheners. The ideal CRM software also integrates these streams of revenue, enabling you to direct customers to the proper departments for further assistance.