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Think You Can Get By Without Dealership CRM? It’s Time to Reconsider

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 19 August 2013 by Car Research]

The auto industry is highly competitive. Even if customers love a particular car and know which model they want, they still have a choice of several dealers to patronize. The fact is that offering the hottest car models isn’t enough to put a dealership at the top of the list of locations to buy a vehicle. Low prices also are not enough to keep the customers coming in because low prices alone will not always close the sale. However, dealership customer relationship management software, or dealership CRM, can make the difference between a successful dealership and one that struggles.

Instant Gratification

When customers visit a dealer, they may be prepared to spend a few hours working through the sale and doing paperwork, but that doesn’t mean they want to stand around waiting to be assisted. When they ask about their general trade-in value or the availability of certain models, they are most likely searching for immediate answers. If the sales person has to leave them to research information, they may decide to just visit another dealer. With dealership CRM, databases can be linked to hand-held devices in the field, so customers won’t ever feel neglected and can receive answers to their questions immediately. .

Accurate Information

With CRM, sales teams can enjoy accurate information regarding dealer inventory, options on cars and more. When customers receive incorrect information, they start doubting the integrity of the dealer. Even if the mistake is an honest one, it can cause a dealer to lose sales. With CRM, owners can ensure that their staff has the most current information available at all times.

Teaser Ads

While dealers cannot force anyone to come in and buy a new car, they can send out information letting customers know what their current vehicle may be worth on a trade-in. When demand for a particular used car increases, dealers can use the CRM software to reach out to current owners and encourage them to come trade their used car for a new one. It’s an effective advertising tool that can reach people who might not otherwise trade in at that time, and it’s available with CRM.

Ongoing Service

Customers may buy a car based on the initial deal and their impression of a sales member, but whether they return or not depends on the service they receive after the fact. Dealers that send out reminders for oil changes and offer special services will stay on a customer’s radar. If the customer feels that they were taken care of and supported properly, they will make their next car purchase with their dealer. Without CRM, this would require a great deal of employee organization and time, but it is largely automated with the right software.

More Productive Team

When the sales staff is more organized, they will be more productive. With CRM, the sales team is more likely to close sales and earn more commissions. Dealership CRM software is easy to use, versatile and highly effective. It can help a dealership keep in contact with customers, provide excellent support after a sale and effectively close sales in the future.

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