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Dealer CRM: The Inventory Solution that Your Dealership Needs

Posted on November 25, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 25 November 2013 by Car Research]

Every car dealer wants to find new ways to market to their customers, and provide them with higher quality services. When it comes to your employee’s ability to interact with the customers, you may have a few concerns. A dealer CRM solution is a great option for any dealer seeking to increase the efficiency of their staff, and to effectively manage their inventory. Modern CRM systems provide a number of benefits to the customers as they not only collect and manage past data; they allow dealerships to seek out new customers. Managing your dealership reputation is another important area to focus on and using CRM systems can provide all of these benefits and many others.

Effective Integration

Older systems were often difficult to integrate into the business. Modern dealer CRM systems, however, allow for easy integration for employees and your existing system. Select a system that is not overly difficult to learn. A good system can help to support the employee’s tasks and will make them more efficient. Find out if the system allows for operations such as remote access, mobile integration, and data management. This will make it easier for employees to access the system quickly, and obtain the correct information in order to follow-up with customers effectively.


How easy is it to enter data into the system? When you invest in a quality dealer CRM solution, you are able to input the customer information in a hurry. Remote access allows employees to input the information regardless of where they are, which is great if they are meeting with a large group of potential customers at a different location. Trade shows are one area where having remote access has a great benefit to the employees to make them more efficient in dealing with customer relationships. They will have all the information they need at their fingertips, which can impress the customer as they see they are working with a company that takes the time to invest in their staff and technology.

Inventory Management

One area where dealer CRM software can have a large impact is in the way a company manages their inventory. Strong inventory management allows a company the opportunity to know what vehicles are on their lot, their current status, and if they have sister companies with vehicles that a customer might desire. Employees can use mobile devices to add different specifications to the vehicle listings, making it easier for the sales team to know what they can work with when making a sale.


For marketing needs, a quality CRM solution provides valuable data about customers. What are their desires? What attracts them to particular vehicles? Dividing customers into market segments makes it easier on the marketing team to send out the right advertisements that will capture their attention.

A successful dealership relies on the foundation that comes from both loyal and new customers. Dealer CRM serves to organize a dealerships inventory in order to better serve customers, keep staff members in the loop and increase sales.

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