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Place Customer Interests First with Auto Dealer CRM

Posted on November 13, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 13 November 2013 by Car Research]

While each industry is unique in various ways, few can argue that auto dealerships face many challenges that others in different industries do not face. For example, they are selling high-end or expensive merchandise, the consumers often enter the sales department ready to haggle over the price and the sales team may have significant challenges or hurdles they need to overcome to finalize even a single sale. Furthermore, the profit margin in many dealerships can be slim, and this means that auto dealerships must find a way to successfully close sales in a challenging marketplace. CRM is a buzzword that is generating a lot of interested in many industries today, and the fact is that the right auto dealer CRM can be highly beneficial to auto dealers today as they strive to serve their valued customers.

What Is a CRM?

Before owners or managers in an auto dealership can determine if they want to move forward with the implementation of a CRM, they must first understand what this tool is. This is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management, and with a closer look at what it does, owners and managers may determine that they want to implement its use. This is a business tool that is specifically designed to enhance the efforts of sales and marketing staff, making their efforts more productive and cost-effective at the same time. There are numerous CRMs available on the market today with different features and functions, and dealership owners and managers should spend time reviewing the options thoroughly. With the right auto dealer CRM implemented, auto dealers can more effectively meet their customers’ needs and boost profits at the same time.

Different Features to Look For

There are some standard features found in most CRM tools, and some CRMs have special features that are unique or individualized. Many CRMs are designed with a general business purpose in mind, and they are suited for use in a wide range of industries. However, there are some that are designed specifically for use in the auto industry. A comprehensive CRM tool will enable sales and marketing staff to manage contacts more effectively, and this may include everything from organizing and tracking leads to contacting them and overcoming sales objections. Features to look for include opportunity tracking and analysis tools, differentiation between leads and prospects, integration of email and more. 

Making the Right Decision

Auto dealership owners and managers may find that their sales and marketing efforts are more productive when the right CRM tool is implemented. While any CRM may provide at least moderate benefit to companies in this industry, it is important to note that some CRM tools have been designed specifically to improve efforts for those working in an auto dealer business environment. The lead generation process, prospect tracking process, strategies used to overcome objections and more all are unique, and this means that tools that have been customized specifically for this industry may be far more effective. From a customer’s perspective, a dealer that uses a CRM may contact them with more pertinent and relevant information to their buying decision. Contact will be targeted and beneficial without being bothersome or annoying. 

Altogether, when an auto dealer uses the right CRM tool, the customers will feel as though their needs are better understood and better met by the company. The company will benefit from increased productivity and sales. Because of these potential outcomes, auto dealers should spend time reviewing the different CRM tools available today.

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