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Is Your Current Dealer Management Software Up To Date?

Posted on October 9, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 9 October 2013 by Car Research]

Dealership management software is so widespread that it is almost impossible to find a car dealer of any size who does not use this tool. However, not all dealership software is the same. Some programs are easy for everyone in the dealership to use, encouraging integration of all sectors. Other packages are difficult to navigate, making it less likely that dealership employees will take advantage of the great features of these programs. CAR-Research XRM offers the most dealer-friendly software on the market for handling all the details and tasks that make a dealership successful.

What Does CAR-Research XRM Offer With Its Dealership Management Software?

Based on a thorough knowledge of the automotive industry, CAR-Research XRM has developed solution-based dealership management software that helps dealers run their showrooms, service areas and other business components more successfully. 

The CRM component, CAR-Interactive, is a web-based customer relationship management software package that increases both revenue and customer satisfaction with sales and service. When customers are satisfied, revenues will to increase. Further, this CRM allows consolidation of all departments so that customers are handled uniformly from start to finish.

The CRM package offers an Internet Lead Manager function, a Showroom Control Manager, a Business Development Center, Database Solutions, and reporting features. These features can help you and your employees work smarter rather than harder. For example, by increasing the speed at which deals are closed, this software helps increase your sales team’s productivity and earnings. Because they make more money, the sales personnel are eager to embrace this new technology. Service people can also benefit from the software by rotating service jobs in more effectively, relieving frustration and cutting down on lag time.

How Is CAR-Research XRM Different from Other Dealership Management Software Companies?

One thing that CAR-Research XRM dealership management software has that other software packages may not include is control over employee accountability and communication. This dealership management software includes key metric notifications through text messaging so sales personnel can get them instantly. It also includes employee goal setting and reporting, a time-clock management system, a prospect button to ensure logging of all showroom traffic, and a real-time reporting suite that instantly updates employee sales, service calls and other activities.

The CRM offered by CAR-Research XRM also features fully customizable dealer dashboards. Unlike pre-packaged software, this suite can be configured to meet the needs of almost any sized dealership. Dealers can choose to implement some or all of the components to exactly the degree they choose. With customized General Manager, Sales Manager, Internet, Business Development Center, Sales Personnel and Service screens, all information is easy to access, and one-click drill downs cut down on search time.

The Dashboards can also be customized to give up-to-the-second reporting. With a Dealership Overview, Departmental Activity, Dealership Pulse, Sales Tracking, Hot Prospects, Showroom Traffic, Appointments, Communication Activity, Sales Process Management, Task Management, Internet Opportunities and other components, managers can find out at a glance what is happening throughout the dealership.

CAR-Research XRM offers the most user-friendly approach to dealer management software in the industry. With the help of this dealer management software package, any dealership can increase productivity which ultimately affects sales and revenues.

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