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What to Look For in a CRM Dealer

Posted on October 14, 2014 by Car Research

On the lookout for a CRM dealer? CRM stands for customer relationship management — those words say it all. When searching for the right automotive CRM software for your car dealership, you want one that will increase your sales and customer retention, sure. But you also want one to boost your exposure, approachability, trustworthiness and reputation management. That’s a tall order for one software. CAR-Research XRM is one such software system that can go the distance because it provides a single-source solution. From sales marketing and monitoring to inventory management and tracking, you need tools that will help you achieve your goals today.


Look for Easy Daily Operations

Open lines of communication between your dealership and your customers is imperative. An automotive CRM dealer such as CAR-Research XRM gives you that distinct advantage to maintain and foster that connection over time so that your sales remain steady with your existing client base. If your customers like how they’re treated, they will reward you with repeat business. The concept is fairly simple. When you implement a tracking system XRM, you’re putting a system in place that allows you to control the day-to-day operations of your dealership. Because you can configure the system the way that best works for you, you’re taking advantage of a truly personalized method of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Automotive CRM needs to make your job easier. Finding one that improves revenue streams, reduces staff stress, streamlines operations and offers all tools in one central location means you’ve found a gem. Your goal should be to examine any sources of revenue, whether you’re talking sales, service or parts, and explore how effective CRM can help you not only locate customers but keep them as well. This can be achieved through buy-back campaigns, anniversary offers, service reminders and part notifications.


Look for One Source Solution

With a solid automotive CRM plan, it’s possible to handle it all from one place: email, direct mail, text messaging, live calls — you name it. With such a customized, easy-to-use package, you can personalize the software to match your unique needs as a growing business. The same set-up that works for you may not work for the dealership down the street. No standard templates here! With CRM’s Total Lifecycle Management Solution, you can track the entire customer experience from their first foray onto your showroom floor to their yearly maintenance reminders. You also get technical support 24/7 whenever you need it, account management and daily webinars. Choosing the best CRM software certainly impacts your dealership’s sales and lasting customer relationships.


Look for Multiple Tools

With components such as Internet Lead Manager (ILM), Showroom Control Manager, Business Development Center (BDC) and Database Solution, you ensure your staff remains accountable and your production increases but your goal is to also boost the rate of customer satisfaction and revenue for your business. Using a suite like XRM helps you identify key metrics and send notifications out via text message and other mediums. Not only can you incorporate call management, you can also employ good use of time clock management, concern resolution, loaner car management, customer follow-up and staff goal setting and more. Automotive CRM software gives you the power to manage your business from one convenient source.

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