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How Your Company Can Benefit From The Right Auto Dealer CRM

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Car Research

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With the many different options in the Auto Dealer CRM market today, some dealerships have a tough time making the right choice for their company. While most offer the basic CRM functions, CAR-Research XRM goes above and beyond with revolutionary technology that will change the way dealerships use their CRM program for good.

Here are 5 features that make our CRM program the most beneficial program for dealerships everywhere.


1. Staying Ahead of The Curve

At CAR-Research we know the importance of the Internet. After all, 90% of car buyers start their search right here. If dealerships don’t have a strong web presence they could potentially be missing out on a lot of business.

Keeping up a strong Internet presence should be a top priority for dealerships. Unfortunately, some let it fall to the wayside or they simply don’t know how to take advantage of the web. Making themselves more available to online users is important so they can prevent losing business to other companies.

CAR-Research XRM features great web tools that will help dealerships boost their online presence and bring more customer traffic to their website. Dealerships can increase their web traffic all day long, but if they don’t have a good lead capture system in place they are going to lose their potential customers to other companies. Along with the increased traffic, our system comes with great lead capture software. Our software captures the lead and provides auto-responses tailored to the customer’s needs, smart phone integration, white listing and spam compliancy, seamless integration with CRM software, anti-skating and customer duplication, and an extensive reporting functionality.

Dealerships can count on being able to see exactly where the lead came from, what the customer is interested in buying, and exactly where the prospect is in the lead escalation process–all in real-time. The Internet Lead Manager helps dealerships keep potential customers in their system to continue to nurture until they are ready to buy.


2. Client Communication

Its true that most CRM programs serve their basic function–managing client relationships–but not everyone does it right. To better communicate with customers, dealerships have to provide useful information the way the customers want to receive it. Letting the customers decide how they’d like to receive their information is important. If the customer doesn’t check the outlet the information automatically comes through he or she may never see it.

This would mean that our great tools included in the On-Demand Marketing Toolkit (such as auto-reminders, smart coupons, service updates, product updates, and more) would all go unnoticed. Dealerships make great plans for advertising and wanting to send their client information. However, they don’t stop to review whether customers are actually seeing this information.

Our software lets dealerships view how marketing efforts are doing to see if any areas need improvement. This can ultimately save them money by allowing them to put fruitless advertising efforts to rest, and boost funding for avenues that produce results.


3. User-Friendly Software

User friendliness is key to making the most of any software. Here at CAR-Research we know dealerships dont have a lot of time to handle the daily tasks of running their business. The last thing they want to do is invest in a piece of software nobody in their company can seem to figure out. Unlike other programs, every app and tool on our platform is easy to use and serves a purpose.

On top of already user-friendly software we offer vast amounts of training for our platform. To get things started we offer an in-person kickoff training that will be tailored to your dealership’s personal and unique sales process. We also offer hands-on training with dealership employees to ensure they understand the software and are able to use it to its full potential. After the initial training, employees will always be able to find weekly online training courses, webinars, step-by-step instructions, course scheduling tools, pulse reports, remote monitoring options, and so much more on our website.


4. Data Management

When it comes to running an auto dealership we know time equals money. The more time you spend fruitlessly trying to find data, the more money you lose. That’s why we made sure to include powerful data management tools in our CRM platform. These tools allow dealership owners and management to keep an eye on sales numbers to ensure they are meeting their weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. They will also be able to keep an eye on their employees to ensure they are performing to their utmost potential. Making sure employees are doing their best at all times is a great way to ensure each customer has a successful experience with a dealership.

These tools become especially helpful when there are many dealership locations involved. Dealership owners will be able to pull information across all locations. Not only will they run a more efficient business but this will allow them to become a more hands-on owner when they have all the information at a glance.


5. Experience Since 1994

Other CRM programs make promises for their technology they cant back up with experience. Few software designers for the automotive industry have the in-field experience the people at CAR-Research do. The team at CAR-Research has been in the car dealership business since 1994. That’s 21 years of experience handling the day-to-day tasks of a dealership, put into one comprehensive program.

We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to implement these apps and tools on a practical and functional level. We also know the value of putting the information in one easy-to-use platform. This will save dealerships money by not having to invest in other programs in the future.

Car dealerships need a program that is going to serve a purpose and not just take up space, a program that will make technology work for and not against them. This is exactly what Car-Research XRM is all about.


About CAR-Research:
Since 1995, CAR-Research has been working to make the best CRM program on the market. In the process they’ve developed a robust and user-friendly system that helps dealerships generate more business and keep their customer satisfied. The CAR-Research XRM program has been voted ‘top rated CRM’ for the last 3 years and was “Built By Car People, For Car People”.