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Choosing the Right CRM Dealer

Posted on September 8, 2014 by Car Research

A good auto CRM software will store customer information so that dealerships can accumulate data to help them create loyal customers and increase future sales. It also allows dealerships to coordinate their efforts amongst different departments or divisions (sales, financing, service, etc.) for smoother operations overall. But how do you know which CRM dealer is right for your business?


Why do Businesses Need CRM Software?

First of all, it is important to understand why businesses need a CRM in the first place. Any company can benefit from a CRM suite (and many do). Whether it is a car dealership, national chain restaurant, ecommerce store or any other multitude of businesses, customer relationship management is important and the right software can make the difference. Unlike relying on outdated systems to store information and savvy employees to be able to use that information to get the job done, CRM suites are programmed to provide better organization, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction across every area of the business. This is why so many businesses invest in CRM dealer software – they know it is an investment that will pay off and understand that it can give them an edge over the competition.


How can CRM Software Benefit Auto Dealerships?

Moreso than the average business, auto dealerships can benefit from customer relationship management because it can streamline operations in an industry where competition is stiff and consumers have a lot of choices. CRM suites help organize prospective and existing customer information, boost sales close rates and increase car owner satisfaction throughout the entire life of the car. This is an ideal way for dealerships to make sure that they capitalize on leads and build customer loyalty. And yet, there is still resistance among some dealership owners to embrace CRM technology. Some dealers are hesitant to try customer relationship management software due to the cost, the uncertainty about how it will help their business or a desire to keep running their business as they always have. However, the dealers who have given modern technology a try have found the need for a CRM tool.


Which CRM Software is Right for You?

So which software should you choose amongst all of the available options on the market? It is important to evaluate your needs and budget when looking for the right auto CRM solution for your dealership. Car-Research XRM allows users to personalize the software to fit their dealership’s needs and achiever their goals. From tracking the effectiveness of marketing efforts to sending service appointment reminders Car-Research XRM does the basics that you would expect from a CRM solution. On top of that, the possibilities continue to grow as you customize it even further. Car-Research XRM even offers features that other software is not capable of providing – such as figuring tout when a customer will want to buy a new car and making recommendations from existing inventory for them.

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