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Elite Customer Service Possible With Car Dealer Software

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Car Research

success as a business owner. Car dealer software is an important piece to the puzzle necessary to help your dealership deliver the elite level of customer service needed to increase customer loyalty and retention. If you are one of the few auto dealers in the U.S. who does not have a fully integrated dealer software solution in place, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase sales and profitability.

Understanding how important car dealer software is for your car dealership begins with an understanding of the solutions that are available, such as those offered by CAR-Research XRM. Having a well-designed and well-integrated dealer software package can help you improve your customer relationships, loyalty and retention and deliver the best customer service. This will help you increase sales and find additional channels for generating revenue.


What is Dealer Software?

Car dealer software is a suite of tools that are built into a technology platform and designed to help you manage the customer experience. Features of a well-made car dealer software package include elements of the following: management of dealer inventory, financing and sales management, lead generation and management of your customer service efforts. A good car dealer software helps improve the communications between departments and keep your customer’s engaged and ready to act whenever you call on them to do so.


How Dealer Software Improves Customer Relationships

Car dealer software takes a customer (or prospective customer) from the moment they look at your inventory or make a purchase from your showroom and places their data into a system. This allows your customer relationship management (CRM) team to go into action and manage the data to perform simple, automated tasks such as sending out reminders for service appointments to gauging customer satisfaction and feedback on the service received by your dealerships service technicians. Car dealer software creates multiple additional points of contact between your auto dealership and customers, which in turn increase the amount of face time you have and opens up additional opportunities for revenue.


Using Dealer Software to Deliver the Best Customer Service

Your car dealership software is only as good as the end user. What this means is that it is not enough to have the software installed if your staff has not been fully trained on its benefits and use and the software becomes an integral part of your dealership’s culture and sales philosophy.

Although many in your employ may be resistant to change and not fully understand the need for change, as the owner of the dealership or software buying decision maker, you have to ask yourself some questions. Are you currently happy with the current sales performance for your auto dealership? Are there concerns and feedback being voiced by your customer base that is not being properly communicated to you by staff or is going unnoticed by your dealership? Would a 100 fold increase in sales opportunity and revenue be worth the investment you make in an elite car dealer software package, such as that from CAR-Research XRM? If you are unable to answer these questions satisfactorily, it may be the time to explore the solution that best helps you meet your dealership’s service and sales goals.

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