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The Growing Demand For Car Dealer CRM

Posted on August 12, 2014 by Car Research

Car dealer customer relationship management (CRM) is a useful tool in today’s marketplace. When it comes to selling cars, you need a focused, results-oriented solution to ensure better results. Doing so through an effective platform such as CAR-Research XRM allows you access to auto dealer CRM tools that can push you to greater heights in terms of client satisfaction. Increasing sales while retaining customers has never been easier with car dealer CRM, a trend that’s surging lately.


CRM on the Rise Again

The concept of car dealer CRM is nothing new. It’s gone in and out of vogue through recent decades but seems to be gaining in popularity again as an effective tool for dealerships who want to systematically capture, record, sort and leverage customer information on a larger scale. Back in 2008 and 2009, the use of these systems skyrocketed as the recession hit the country and auto sales declined dramatically. Dealers wanted to get the most out of their databases to keep what customers they did have interested and engaged.

A good CRM plan will keep a dealership engaged with its customers, offering them timely information, to be sure, but also personalized and relevant information. This can be as simple as tracking the service appointment reminders for customers and sending them customized notes and letters that alert them when it’s time to come in to the dealership. It can also involve emails sent to a particular customer when, thanks to a system of purchasing data history, that person is ready to buy a new car. The software can also determine what kind of car that customer may be interested in. This all makes the customer feel recognized and special, with the theory that when customers are happy, they’ll come back again and again.


How CRM Equals Success

Car dealer CRM, such as CAR-Research XRM, can give you the tools needed to increase traffic to your dealership and keep it there, with the ability to turn that traffic into leads and sales that pan out in the end. Growing profits goes hand in hand with enhancing customer loyalty, so the type of dealer management software you choose is critical to achieve this. An effective CRM program is essential in today’s competitive world because dealerships have to work harder than ever to earn their business from customers.

The overall aim of any CRM program is to capture and retain your customers at a lower cost while thoroughly vetting any and all revenue-generating opportunities you may get. This could involve anything from sales to service, but it has to be long-term, following each customer through the complete life cycle of their time with you. Diligence will eventually pay off, but you can’t do it alone. You need a state-of-the-art software suite to manage it all from one centralized location. Using a single-source CRM program like that of CAR-Research XRM can put you on the map — provided you apply it to meet the unique needs of your dealership and identify the resources you’ll require to achieve your goals. Implementation of CRM tools is just as important as the basic software system behind it. Finding that precarious balance and then maintaining it is key to truly making a CRM tool work for you.

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