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Car Dealer CRM Gives Your Dealership a Leg-up On the Competition

Posted on June 19, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 19 June 2013 by Car Research]

Car dealer CRM, or customer relationship management, can help drive up your sales numbers when used effectively.  When a customer buys an automobile they are looking at one of the major purchases in their life, and they are seeking to establish a personal relationship that will last throughout the life of the car.  If you want to draw repeat customers into your dealership, you need to understand those customers and manage that relationship.

The best way to forge that bond is through adopting the information that is available with a car dealer CRM program.  CAR Research puts their car dealer software technology at your disposal to aid in your dealership’s relationship with your customers.  Have you been wondering how to translate the online car shopper into an in-dealership buyer?  Have you been stymied by wondering what caused that couple to leave your dealership without making a purchase?

“Built by Car People for Car People,” is the watchword at CAR Research.  This fact has translated into the top ranked car dealer CRM in the industry for the past three years.  It is easy to see why as their product has revolutionized the way dealerships interact with their customers.  Their easy to use car dealer CRM is a one stop solution for managing the lifeblood of your dealership…your customers.

CAR Research has a variety of services available to pump up your sales numbers.  From transforming your website into a profitable virtual dealership to increasing your service revenues to solving your marketing questions, the proprietary software of CAR Research is revamping the way a car dealer deals with a car buyer.  Further, with their telephony solutions, they will provide you with real time customer feedback while providing an outlet for reaching out to those customers in real time while they are on your website.

Among other features, the program allows for affordable, powerful marketing campaigns that directly target those buyers likely to buy.  No longer will you need to waste money on unprofitable advertising that does not reach its intended target.  Using the program is easy and its use will witness the growth of all aspects of your dealership.  Learn how to penetrate the service industry and retain customers with superior customer service.  Understand what motivates the customer when they are looking for high mileage vehicles or financial contract opportunities with the award winning software package.

Since 1994, CAR Research has been helping dealerships grow their sales numbers, and manage their customer base.  Understanding your customer is the first step towards increasing sales and growing profits.  CAR Research can answer the questions you have have answered in order to understand what your customers are looking for when they are purchasing a new vehicle.  Utilizing their extensive comprehension of the automobile industry, the founders of CAR Research have built the premier single-source dealer solutions to help manage your dealership’s growth through their excellent customer relationship management software package.

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