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What Every New Car Dealer Should Know About Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Auto Dealership Software

Posted on January 5, 2014 by Car Research

[Posted on 5 January 2014 by Car Research]

Car sales are up across the nation in 2013—we will sell over 16 million units this year. Maintaining a relationship with our customers produces new sales, referral sales, service ROs, and beback sales. How do you maintain a high gross, best CSI, more-sales-generating relationship with all your customers? Via Customer Relationship Management (CRM) auto dealership software – such as CAR Research’s XRM software—offers several revenue benefits to the car dealer as well as an improved sales experience for their car buying customers. These benefits include:

Lifecycle Management

With CRMs like CAR Research’s XRM, dealerships are best able to manage the most profitable aspect of their business:  their relationship with their customers and potential customers.  CRMs provide this by offering key event notification by text message (equity visit to the service drive); tracking employee goal setting and reporting to be sure customers are pursued for sales; offering strong customer follow-up call scripting for the sales team; assessing customer lifetime value so that the most valuable customers see the most effort; providing accountability so that the CSI can stay high; and putting the sales effort first and foremost in the sales management and salesperson’s work at the dealership.

Business Development

Developing a car dealership isn’t what it once was: radio announcements, TV commercials, and newspaper ads now come second to the internet. CRMs take this into consideration and focus on developing the business by best managing the pipeline now running through your internet assets. Some of the features offered include: lead management (such as capturing new leads, lead distribution, tracking communication, converting leads, and analyzing the results), a centralized BDC and Internet process training; customer follow up that can be delivered via emails; the ability to create influential marketing campaigns; mobile lead management for smart phones; spam compliancy; the ability to email videos, brochures, and photographs to customers; a customizable sales process; a targeted call campaign that triggers a call when a potential customer opens an email; DMS integration; OEM-vendor solutions; extensive reporting functionality; and the ability to catch duplicate leads (to avoid paying multiple vendors for the same exact lead). All in the one-stop inside CAR Research XRM!

Inventory Solutions

Inventory management is another important area of an auto dealership and dealership software solution such as CAR Research XRM is that it helps to simplify it. With auto dealership software, dealers can easily print window stickers and buyer guides, customize and alter ad templates, and send inventory to various media outlets (such as Craigslist and Auto Trader).

Customer Satisfaction

While CRMs will make it easier for a dealership to be successful, it also works to make the car shopping experience easier for the customer. The first way is to provide relationship management that makes sense to the customer: timely service emails, equity customer touch emails, and our unique Results-Based Follow-Up (RBF) that manages the contacts to the customers in ways that most suit particular customer groups. Some of the other ways our software can do this includes: offering customers the ability to schedule an appointment online and select a particular vehicle to see; allowing customers to view the service history for the vehicle they are interested in; and offering the ability for car buyers to set appointments for routine services, such as tire rotations and oil changes.

The average person buys 9.4 new cars in their lifetime. With auto dealership software such as CRMs (CAR Research XRM), dealers will make more gross from new customers and old clients, have better sales overall, and will hit and maintain the highest CSI!

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