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Where Should I Look for Automotive CRM Software?

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Car Research

[Posted on 19 February 2014 by Car Research]

Automotive customer relationship management or automotive CRM software are a must-have for any auto dealership doing business today. CRMs help you manage the expectation and preferences of your current and prospective customers. You can reduce the expenses associated with marketing your inventory and increase the level of satisfaction your customers have with your auto dealership. Having a CRM solution in place for your auto dealership works as an extension of your existing customer-focused culture and should derive financial rewards to your auto dealership.

Finding automotive CRM software for your auto dealership may seem to be a very simple task to accomplish. Finding the right automotive CRM solution for your auto dealership however is a little more difficult. You need to understand what to look for in a CRM solution package, how it benefits your auto dealership and what you should expect from its integration into your existing dealership management systems.

What Do I Look For in an Automotive CRM Solution?  

Above all else you need to find an automotive CRM solution that is easy to understand and use. Paying for all of the bells and whistles only to find out that the software is not user friendly or does not function as designed will only prove to be a nightmare, not only for you but also for any of your customers who try to interact with the system.

Your automotive CRM software should be one that does more than manage customer invoices or contacts them when their vehicle needs to be brought in for an oil change or tire rotation. Your CRM solution should be the hub of your marketing efforts to both existing and prospective customers. It should provide you with a way to broadcast personalized communications about sales opportunities, additional features and benefits available to your customers and incite them to take action and buy from your dealership.

What Benefits Will My Dealership Derive from an Automotive CRM Solution?  

The primary benefit that your auto dealership derives from an effective automotive CRM solution is an increase in sales and sales opportunities. More specifically, your CRM will look at the customer at a point in the customer lifecycle, the continuum that takes them from prospect to existing customer and targets messaging to engage and further build a relationship.

Customer relationship building is a skill that sometimes is lost. Once the sale has been completed, it is necessary to follow up with customers post-sale and manage their experience, expectations and satisfaction. A good CRM should be able to tell you where your customer is in the lifecycle. A great CRM will tell you how to stay in the front of the customer’s mind and be the first one that they think about when considering an additional purchase or making a referral to a friend or colleague for their auto purchase.

How Do I find an Automotive CRM that Manages My Customer’s Expectations?

Finding the right automotive CRM begins with an internal or cultural process within your auto dealership. You need to look at your current systems for managing your customers and determine what is missing in terms of increasing your sales and retention. Once you identify those deficiencies in your current system, you will be able to come up with the right questions of your automotive CRM solutions provider to determine if their system is the right one for you and your auto dealership.

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