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Soaring Sales: The Advantages of Automotive CRM

Posted on July 10, 2014 by Car Research

For any dealership concerned with saving money and increasing sales, automotive CRM is all but mandatory. From the marketing you do on your website to the training and management of your employees, CRM tools have something to offer for virtually every aspect of your business. Below will look at some of the most compelling aspects of CRM software, and how it can be one of the best investments any dealership can make.


What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the latest in a line of special electronic tools designed to assist businesses in dealing with their customers, as well as to improve day-to-day operations. Automotive CRM software can help generate and manage leads, keep tracks on employee performance, and streamline virtually every aspect of the sales process. The end result is top to bottom improvements for virtually every aspect of business, from management to sales.


Marketing with CRM

One of the most valuable aspects of CRM is that it helps you to better understand your unique customer base. By collecting all the relevant data from your customer interactions, it allows you to improve the way you generate leads, prioritize those leads according to urgency, and ensure that you never miss a sale opportunity.

Digitizing every aspect of your dealership means that your staff can spend less time plugging in information to computers, and more time following up on potential customers. This also allows your staff to be informed about leads as they are created in real time, and responds to them before your competition even has a chance.


Automated Sales

If you want to make informed decisions, you need to have the right information at the right time. Ensuring that you can make those decisions is where CRM truly shines. By allowing you to connect your customer data together, including personal information and service history, CRM software can produce a vivid image of where current and prospective customers stand.

Not only does this enable you to better anticipate and serve their needs, it allows you to create an accurate forecast for future business. Using that forecast, you can also accurately predict future workloads, enabling you to optimally prepare your resources. This efficiency is further expanded by automated follow-up features that allow you to set protocols for contacting prospective and existing customers through phone, text, and email.


Employee Accountability

Customer data in CRM software also allows you to keep a close eye on each and every interaction your employees have with customers. This allows for a totally new level of transparency and accountability for your dealership. Employees with areas of low performance can be identified and retrained by employees who excel in those areas.


The Best CRM Option

No matter what kind of automotive CRM you’re looking for, Car–Research XRM is bound to have every feature your dealership will need to excel. That’s because XRM bundles dozens of different CRM tools together, allowing dealerships to harness the power of inventory management, showroom control, call automation, and several other major features that usually broken into separate software suites. That means dealerships can avoid the use of redundant vendors and create a fully customized software solution for their unique needs.

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