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Supercharge Your Sales with Auto Dealer CRM

Posted on April 21, 2014 by Car Research

[Posted on 21 April 2014 by Car Research]

If you’re looking to boost sales at your auto dealership, now’s the time to switch to a comprehensive and easy-to-use auto dealer CRM. Don’t let potential customers and sales get by you anymore. Instead, engage your customers and follow them through the entire customer relationship management life cycle through software that really works for the long-term. If you’ve been looking for a more results-oriented solution for your auto dealership and are tired of slumping sales, check out how a really good CRM suite can help you achieve that.

How CRM Can Help you Sell More Cars

Selling more cars and supercharging your sales takes more than good CRM. It takes a focused, comprehensive, easy-to-manage software suite that can handle all the details. Switching to a more effective platform may be easier than you think, especially when you take into account the track record of CAR-Research XRM’s auto dealer CRM tools. First off, to sell more cars, you need to be more engaged with the customer, from the very beginning and ongoing throughout the life of the auto in question. Using a single-source solution that yields results, you can not only boost traffic to your site, you can easily retain your customer set.

With an effective CRM plan that transforms into leads and sales, you as a dealer, can grow profits while nurturing that all-important customer loyalty. Your CRM software should be able to prioritize, handle, follow up and filter thousands of leads every month. If not, you’re missing the bus on car sales. Just a decade ago, only 20 percent of car dealers had an automated CRM system in place. Today, nearly every dealership has some sort of CRM system, making the need for innovative advances and features all the more crucial to standing out above the rest.

Tools for Success

Your sales staff may have the drive and desire to sell cars, but if they’re lacking the tools to effectively carry out this mission, they will ultimately fail to meet the high expectations you’re looking for as a dealership. It’s critical to mobilize sales and improve dealership performance using easy-to-use software complete with a dashboard that helps you connect with customers. Giving your staff members the support they require to stay organized and easily find information will only serve to better reach their goals.

An effective CRM program is necessary for success because dealers today aren’t making the big profits they were making in years past. This requires additional work on the part of the dealer, and what better way to help maximize profit potential than with smart software that can handle all the hassle? Finding and retaining customers at the lowest possible cost while boosting your revenue opportunities is the key here. Following a customer through the entire lifecycle of the purchase and ownership process must be managed with a comprehensive CRM solution for it to be effective. A software program that can address your needs as a dealership will make it that much easier to identify the tools you need to make this happen.

Making it Work

You can have the best CRM software suite in the world but if your employees can’t use it easily, it’s useless from a productivity standpoint. Implementation is key when it comes to CRM software, so it’s essential to balance the two opposing parts of the process: usage and behavior, and the software itself. Keeping these two things in check is essential to a good CRM program that boosts your selling power.