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Do Auto Dealer CRM Solutions Improve the Customer Experience?

Posted on December 30, 2013 by Car Research

[Posted on 30 December 2013 by Car Research]

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps businesses such as auto dealerships improve interactions with their customers. There are several ways the right auto dealer CRM solution can help your business become more efficient and customer-friendly.

Leveraging the Internet

CRM software can use a wealth of technology to gather information on customers and potential customers, utilizing everything from social media to real-time logs of dealer website traffic. Through traffic logs, auto dealer CRM software can help figure out what customers think about your website–what aspects are working and what aren’t. CRM software can also help boost traffic to your website and help set appointments to get people into your showroom, which is a great first step towards boosting sales and favorable customer interactions.

Ease of Sales

Aside from driving business to your website and showroom, CRM software can make it easier to make a sale once customers are there. By integrating information from all the cars in your inventory, CRM software can help salespeople pull up and show off the best potential matches to each customer. Anticipating what a customer is interested in can improve their experience at your dealership and increase the likelihood of a sale. Salespeople can spend less time guessing and more time showing customers cars that match their needs.

Maintenance Follow-ups

It can be extremely unwieldy for a staff to keep track of each customer’s car’s maintenance history, let alone reach out when it’s time for cars to have maintenance performed. CRM software can ease this process in many ways: It can keep track of cars’ ages and estimated mileage, trigger calls or email reminders when it’s time for cars to come in, and help set appointments online. All of this can keep customers’ cars in good shape (in turn, keeping customers satisfied with their purchase) and help drive service business back into your dealership.

Setting Employees Up for Success

At a busy dealership, it can be difficult to keep track of how your employees are doing. However, the right CRM software can help you keep track of both how your customers are responding to employees and how your employees are performing at specific tasks, such as maintenance or sales. High-performing employees can be properly rewarded, and employees who need help can get it.

Marketing Assistance

Auto dealer CRM solutions can create integrated marketing campaigns that use analytic data and multiple channels to reach customers in effective ways. Automated templates can take the guesswork out of marketing outreach methods. By tracking prospective customers, CRM software can let you know whether it’d be more effective to contact a customer about cars in a certain price range, under a certain mileage, and so on. At the same time, contact logs can help you avoid flooding a potential customer with too many follow-ups, which could detract them.

Overall, CRM solutions can be a great boon to auto dealerships by leveraging technology to improve and increase customer interactions. Don’t miss out on the opportunities provided by modern software for auto dealer CRM.

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