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5 Reasons Dealerships Perform Better With a Comprehensive CRM Suite

Posted on June 9, 2015 by Car Research

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Sales and customer satisfaction are top priorities at all auto dealerships, but improving these areas to increase sales performance can be a challenge. This is where Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, software comes in. Adding CRM software to the sales process can have a dramatic effect on sales because of the unique tools it brings to the table. It is a way to organize and share information quickly, keep track of customers from first contact to final sale, boost sales productivity, and much more. Here are just a few ways dealer CRM software is one of the most powerful tools a dealership can have to improve sales performance.



There are few things that are as important as organization for a sales team. In the world of auto sales, dealer CRM software takes the hassle out of organization with applications that allow teams to prioritize responsibilities and distribute the tasks in the most effective manner possible. The software offers a full picture of what is going on at any point, with current customers and leads alike, so sales agents know who to call and when. With the CRM applications taking care of the organization, the sales team can focus on more important tasks, like interacting with customers, rather than wasting time trying to organize a mess of leads in various stages of the sales cycle.


Build Customer Relationships

Building strong customer relationships is key to the sales process and increasing sales productivity.  CRM software is extremely helpful in this case, keeping track of all customers, their likes and dislikes, spending patterns, location, and so on. Having a complete profile of the prospect or customer helps dealerships know how to target each individual. In the long run, as customer satisfaction increases through the aid of CRM software, loyalty to the dealership goes up and profit margins increases.


More Quality Interactions

Since CRM software gives the team the ability to track every interaction, communication, offer, order and share the information amongst team members, more opportunities become available for creating leads. With the ability to pre-plan the sales process within the CRM software, sales teams can zero in on the most lucrative opportunities to connect with clients based on previous interactions. The CRM software keeps a complete profile of every customer, thus giving agents indispensable information to use during the sales process, streamlining the entire procedure.


Share Information Across Sales Team

During the sales process there are always several transactions going on with different customers every day. CRM software keeps track of all that information, allowing team members to share every detail and easily pull up information on any client. In addition, CRM software helps develop forecasts, create sales reports, analyze market conditions, and predict sales. Having access to real time information is one of the greatest weapons any dealership can have in its sales arsenal.


Improve Sales Productivity

CRM software, through its powerful organization tools and streamlined communication services, ultimately increases sales productivity by automating a number of time-consuming, but key processes. It’s access to information, customer profiles, tracking documents, and much more, give teams the freedom to focus on making the sale.



Car-Research XRM has been a top developer in dealership CRM systems since 1995, voted the ‘Top Rated CRM’ three consecutive years. The company has created a groundbreaking XRM platform to aid dealerships’ CRM, communication, and database marketing.