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You will be able to increase buyer traffic on your website and then turn that visit into an actual lead and potential sale. More traffic to your website, equals more vehicles sales which grows your dealership’s overall revenue.



Overcome “true” buyer objections by identifying false excuses that buyers often give. With a comprehensive and an always up-to-date database, you will have the best information available to sell more vehicles.


Vehicle Exchange

How many more vehicles could you service with more information about each vehicle? With the most robust CRM platform in the industry, now you can service as many vehicles as your staff can handle.


Service Drive

Contact more customers at the right time, using the right methods in a single easy-to-use platform. Your customers will get the personal touch that they deserve.

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CAR-Research’s Single-Source Solution Exceeds Traditional CRMs


A comprehensive, single-source automotive CRM solution from CAR-Research can be your best friend when it comes to increasing web traffic, converting visits into sales and leads, and even retaining customers. We created this dealer management software piece by piece using our vast experience and knowledge of the industry. We place process and accountability at the forefront of what we do and the result is customers are consistently outperforming their competitors. With a single click, you can access all sales and service history of a customer, get real-time reporting, clean your database daily, target marketing, and much more. Contact us today and find out what our software can do for you.

How can your automotive CRM make my business more profitable?

Published by Car Research on September 1st, 2015

Are you in the market for making your business more profitable and thinking an automotive CRM might do the trick? Wondering if Car-Research XRM is the right choice for your company? Our platform does so much more than just the basic CRM functions.

Here are a few of the great ways our automotive CRM can make your business more profitable.

More Customers

Getting more clients in the door is a great way to do more business. This is something a lot of dealerships struggle with. It’s become even tougher now that you’re having to compete for attention on the Internet as well.

Over 90% of car buyers start their search on the Internet. With our CRM platform you’ll get the tools to boost your online presence, drive more traffic to your dealership’s website, and convert more leads than ever before. Once a client is on your website, and their contact information has been captured, they will be enrolled in your system.

The key to capturing a client is to provide immediate results. When a potential customer is online they want to be able to view the information at a glance and not have to wait for a call-back. Automated brochures are sent to the customer regarding the vehicles they choose so they are able to get the information they want immediately. This will get their questions and concerns answered before they ever step foot in your dealership.

Increased Service Opportunities

Increasing your service opportunities is a great way to increase closed sales and raise your overall profit. The multi-point inspection feature makes it easier than ever for your employees to point out exactly what is found on an inspection. This makes up-selling a breeze when they are able to show the customer the recommended services.

If a customer declines a service the employee marks that in the system. The customer will then start to receive reminders about the potential service and even coupons to get them back to your dealership. You can also keep your customers up-to-date with automated payment and service reminders.

Repeat Business

The key to great customer care is to listen and deliver exactly what the customer wants. Letting your customer choose how they want to receive updates and advertising is key to being effective. While one customer may enjoy reading emails, another may prefer the direct mail method. With our CRM program you’ll not only be able to stay in touch with your customers, you’ll be able to provide valuable resources and a great experience. Happy customers are more likely to tell their friends and family about your dealership. Word-of-mouth advertising is more valuable than any other kind of advertising you can buy.

If you, like most dealership owners, are looking for a new automotive CRM, make sure you choose one that will save your company time, energy, and money. All while creating a better experience for you, your employees and, most importantly, your customers.

When running a business, your ultimate goal is to become more profitable. With CAR-Research XRM you’ll get a number of different solutions to make this happen. Here are just a few of the profitable offerings our CRM software has available.

Most car buyers begin their car buying process on the Internet. Becoming the dealership who responds first to potential customers will guarantee that you capture and convert more Internet leads. With our software you’re now able to keep consistent communication with your Internet leads to ensure they become paying customers. You are also able to run reports on your company’s leads to view your conversion rates and see where you can improve.

With real-time key indicators you can track the services your customers have received or declined. This way, your system knows what services to automatically advertise and send reminders for. The system is continually updated with financial information for repair orders so you can focus on the areas that have the greatest impact.

With our CRM software your customers will receive automated marketing emails, texts, and direct mailings. This helps you stay in front of your customers by providing status updates, information about new products or services, and payment reminders. The system will automatically check to make sure you have a current email address on file for your customer. If you do not, it will prompt your employee to obtain one at checkout.

By offering a bumper-to-bumper, multi-point inspection you increase the opportunity to up-sell products or services. You can show your customer a detailed report of the inspection and recommend any areas that need attention. The automated system will track sold and unsold services and market declined services to your customers. This can increase your average repair order by $50-$100. Along with tracking the services for your customers, you can track the sales rates by technicians or advisors to get a better idea of areas that need improvement.

Included in the services you provide to your customer is a comprehensive website. Your customers  can use this website to view their total sales and service history and receive repair summaries. These summaries will include any products or services they may have bought or declined and remind them they are still available. They will also be able to view live reporting of other goods and services your dealership offers, increasing the chance of an up-sell.

Along with the customer incentives comes a better business development center. This includes a suite of tools you can use to train your employees and assist them in better serving your customers. You can also view company-wide financial and sales reports and focus on areas that need attention to increase your sales numbers.