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  • Single Source Solution
  • Exceed Traditional CRMs
  • In Business Since 1994
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable

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  • Increase sales by increasing traffic to your website
  • Retain clients with revolutionary software capabilities
  • Service more vehicles by having information at your fingertips
  • Receive customized training to run at a high level of efficiency

Car Research

Our conversion rates have never been higher
CAR-Research XRM changed the way
Written by : Carl P
Date Published : 2014-09-19

CAR-Research XRM changed the way my company handles internet leads by helping us implement a lead conversion strategy where we didn’t have one. Our conversion rates have never been higher!

Car Research

We weren’t sure about taking on a new CRM program
Our sales and leads have risen
Written by : Lisa H
Date Published : 2014-10-18

We weren’t sure about taking on a new CRM program but we are glad we did. Our sales and leads have risen and the best part is their online training courses. Any new staff we get we just set them up with the videos and they are ready to get to work using the system

What can my company do with your Automotive CRM?

Using our revolutionary software your company will be able to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Retain Clients
  • Service More Vehicles

We offer the solution to increase traffic [BIC1: Automotive CRM-BIP1: Auto Dealer CRM]to your website, convert more leads, and increase your overall sales. Strengthen your company’s client communication skills with tools that make staying in touch and maintaining relationships easier than ever. Ultimately, you’ll service more vehicles by getting more customers in the door. By providing more information about each vehicle, your company will be able to service as many vehicles as your staff can manage. We also offer a wide variety of other tools within our program that handle different everyday tasks to help make your job easier.

How do you compare to other companies that offer dealership software?

While there are many companies out there offering CRM programs, we are the only company that can boast these 3 qualities:

  • Single Source Solution
  • Exceed Traditional CRMs
  • Voted Top-Rated CRM 3 Years In A Row

We work hard to make sure we combine everything your company needs into one easy-to-use program. It not only saves you time and energy, but ultimately it saves your company money. We exceed traditional programs by providing revolutionary technology that goes above and beyond what’s expected out of your typical dealership software. We were also voted the top-rated CRM for three years in a row. How many other companies do you know can make that claim?

Is CAR-Research XRM easy to use?

Our program is not only easy to use, but we provide onsite training to teach you how to use the software in the most efficient way possible. When you sign up for CAR-Research XRM you will receive:

  • Training Tailored To Your Dealership’s Selling Process
  • Periodic In-Person Visits
  • Webinars
  • Helpful Training Courses on the Web
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • One-of-a-Kind Tech Support

We make sure you know the best way to use the software to get your company the best results. Along with the training we provide there are a number of tools within the Business Development Center to help you train new employees that join your staff and ensure current employees are working with the utmost efficiency.

CAR-Research’s Single-Source Solution Exceeds Traditional CRMs


A comprehensive, single-source automotive CRM solution from CAR-Research can be your best friend when it comes to increasing web traffic, converting visits into sales and leads, and even retaining customers. We created this dealer management software piece by piece using our vast experience and knowledge of the industry. We place process and accountability at the forefront of what we do and the result is customers are consistently outperforming their competitors. With a single click, you can access all sales and service history of a customer, get real-time reporting, clean your database daily, target marketing, and much more. Contact us today and find out what our software can do for you.

  • July 13, 2014

    How can your automotive CRM make my business more profitable?

    An automotive CRM is your sales team’s best friend. This technology is designed to assist them in optimizing every interaction they have with the customer, from the moment they first land on your website to long after they’ve pulled into the service department for their first oil change.

    Positive customer relationships are the crux for dealership profitability, and here’s a few of the key ways that automotive CRM will help make your business even more profitable:

    • Organize relationships.  Great dealerships know that that success is more than just ticking off every sold car. 70% of car buyers are influenced by a dealership’s online reviews. So even if your dealership has pushed a record-breaking amount of sales in one year, if those customers didn’t have a positive experience, you’ll likely see a decline in customers the following as your online ratings begin to reflect their negative customer experience. A full package automotive CRM will improve the way you interact with customers so that each one feels like he or she is your only customer. This will mean more positive word-of-mouth reputation and a more consistent flow of customers who seek your dealership out.
    • Scale marketing efforts.  And when you’re ready to take those positive reviews and scale to the next level with your marketing, an automotive CRM has the toolkit you need to make successful campaigns and reap greater profits.

  • How can an automotive CRM make my business more profitable?

    Published by Car Research May 28, 2016

    Automotive CRM is an advanced software that goes beyond standard back-office prep to improve sales and increase profitability. With a centralized database, an automotive CRM gives you a unique, instantaneous 360-degree view of your guest interactions between the internet, your showroom, and your service staff.

    Here are some remarkable ways specialized automotive CRM software can achieve greater results for you:

    1. Increase your vehicle, accessory, and service sales via prompt and professional follow ups for all sales leads.

    2. Identify exciting new cross-selling opportunities via deep data mining. Automotive CRM tools include analytics that let you identify and separate audiences by niche interest.

    3. Group your guests by their preferred communication medium, whether it’s e-mail or phone, and adapt a selling strategy that fits their interests for improved guest relations.

    4. With instant access to all of your guest files and customer reporting, you can improve management of sales personnel and opportunities.

    5. Improved reporting can also help your team track and schedule customer appointments easier. Use special customer tools to record unique information about each visitor to your dealership.

    6. Use campaign email tools to create targeted marketing campaigns that generate greater and more effective marketing ROI.

  • How can your automotive CRM make my business more profitable?

    Published by Car Research January 30, 2016

    Considering a move to our automotive CRM, but not quite convinced you’ll see a return worth investing the money, time, and effort necessary to make the leap? It’s good that you’re not jumping in blindly, and taking the time to do your research—that means you’re exactly the sort of business most likely to see a major improvement in profits from utilizing our tool set. Consider these three ways we improve your auto dealership’s profits:

    Improve customer relationships.

    People buy from auto dealers they’ve heard good things about, for the most part. You don’t stop in and buy a car the way you stop and buy a cheeseburger: because the sandwich on the poster looked good. No, you go to a specific dealership because you heard good things from your friends that bought there, or because their reviews look solid. Utilizing our dealership CRM, you can greatly improve the way you communicate with customers past, present, and future, and in doing so put the right message out there to drive business up.

    Enhance sales agent closure rates.

    A sales agent sitting at his or her desk with every piece of communication, every relevant fact, suggestions about market segments, and more available will close at a far higher rate than a sales agent reliant upon dated tools, or no tools at all. By utilizing our automotive CRM, you’ll turn far more promising leads into satisfied customers.

    Redefine how you market.

    The insight into your customers gained from a good CRM solution will allow your business to market in new ways, leveraging intimate knowledge about your market segments to produce that personal touch at every point of communication.

  • How can your automotive CRM make my business more profitable?

    When you put a good CRM suite to work for your dealership, you’re embracing the latest in sales technology; software which helps you optimize every interaction with every customer, from the moment you meet them to long after you close the first sale. As any good salesman will tell you, developing great relationships with your customers is crucial to long-term sales success, and that’s exactly what our automotive CRM will help you do.

    Better relationships, better profits. At its core, good marketing is about developing good relationships with your customers; the reason many businesses see short term profits and long-term failure is because they don’t bother keeping up with their relationships, don’t pay attention beyond what it takes to close a sale quickly. By utilizing a full-featured CRM suite to control the way you interact with your customers, your customers will be happy with you long after their purchase—meaning positive word of mouth, less strain on your customer support, follow-up sales, and more.

    Efficiency matters. You may think you get enough done in the day to make solid profits, but unless you’re utilizing the best and latest inventory and data management tools, you’re wasting time—and profit. By working with our automotive CRM, you’ll see productivity skyrocket and profits follow.

    Ready to grow? Our automotive CRM comes with a full toolkit for developing your marketing and your business at large. It’s scalable, flexible, and ready to take your business to new heights without letting you get lost in growing piles of data.

  • Repeat Business

    The key to great customer care is to listen and deliver exactly what the customer wants. Letting your customer choose how they want to receive updates and advertising is key to being effective. While one customer may enjoy reading emails, another may prefer the direct mail method. With our CRM program you’ll not only be able to stay in touch with your customers, you’ll be able to provide valuable resources and a great experience. Happy customers are more likely to tell their friends and family about your dealership. Word-of-mouth advertising is more valuable than any other kind of advertising you can buy.

    If you, like most dealership owners, are looking for a new automotive CRM, make sure you choose one that will save your company time, energy, and money. All while creating a better experience for you, your employees and, most importantly, your customers.

    When running a business, your ultimate goal is to become more profitable. With CAR-Research XRM you’ll get a number of different solutions to make this happen. Here are just a few of the profitable offerings our CRM software has available.

    Most car buyers begin their car buying process on the Internet. Becoming the dealership who responds first to potential customers will guarantee that you capture and convert more Internet leads. With our software you’re now able to keep consistent communication with your Internet leads to ensure they become paying customers. You are also able to run reports on your company’s leads to view your conversion rates and see where you can improve.

    With real-time key indicators you can track the services your customers have received or declined. This way, your system knows what services to automatically advertise and send reminders for. The system is continually updated with financial information for repair orders so you can focus on the areas that have the greatest impact.

    With our CRM software your customers will receive automated marketing emails, texts, and direct mailings. This helps you stay in front of your customers by providing status updates, information about new products or services, and payment reminders. The system will automatically check to make sure you have a current email address on file for your customer. If you do not, it will prompt your employee to obtain one at checkout.

    By offering a bumper-to-bumper, multi-point inspection you increase the opportunity to up-sell products or services. You can show your customer a detailed report of the inspection and recommend any areas that need attention. The automated system will track sold and unsold services and market declined services to your customers. This can increase your average repair order by $50-$100. Along with tracking the services for your customers, you can track the sales rates by technicians or advisors to get a better idea of areas that need improvement.

    Included in the services you provide to your customer is a comprehensive website. Your customers can use this website to view their total sales and service history and receive repair summaries. These summaries will include any products or services they may have bought or declined and remind them they are still available. They will also be able to view live reporting of other goods and services your dealership offers, increasing the chance of an up-sell.

    Along with the customer incentives comes a better business development center. This includes a suite of tools you can use to train your employees and assist them in better serving your customers. You can also view company-wide financial and sales reports and focus on areas that need attention to increase your sales numbers.

  • Increased Service Opportunities

    Increasing your service opportunities is a great way to increase closed sales and raise your overall profit. The multi-point inspection feature makes it easier than ever for your employees to point out exactly what is found on an inspection. This makes up-selling a breeze when they are able to show the customer the recommended services.

    If a customer declines a service the employee marks that in the system. The customer will then start to receive reminders about the potential service and even coupons to get them back to your dealership. You can also keep your customers up-to-date with automated payment and service reminders.

  • More Customers

    Getting more clients in the door is a great way to do more business. This is something a lot of dealerships struggle with. It’s become even tougher now that you’re having to compete for attention on the Internet as well.

    Over 90% of car buyers start their search on the Internet. With our CRM platform you’ll get the tools to boost your online presence, drive more traffic to your dealership’s website, and convert more leads than ever before. Once a client is on your website, and their contact information has been captured, they will be enrolled in your system.

    The key to capturing a client is to provide immediate results. When a potential customer is online they want to be able to view the information at a glance and not have to wait for a call-back. Automated brochures are sent to the customer regarding the vehicles they choose so they are able to get the information they want immediately. This will get their questions and concerns answered before they ever step foot in your dealership.